What are the customized wardrobe franchisees to grasp the needs of customers?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-01

When many customized wardrobe terminal stores are selling, they often put the core of sales on the customized wardrobe product itself, while ignoring the various needs of consumers for customized wardrobes and the characteristics of customization. In fact, many of these requirements show the basis for customer choice. If the product can touch the point of purchase of consumers, it will naturally bring sales. Next, the wardrobe customization editor will introduce to you the custom wardrobe franchisees to grasp the needs of customers:

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are naturally the greater role of custom wardrobes, and functional requirements include wear resistance, convenience, environmental protection and other aspects. These features can be said to be very useful in a certain environment and under the premise of a certain customer awareness of the product. For example, customers can introduce to their relatives and friends how environmentally friendly and scratch-resistant their custom-made furniture products are. Therefore, we must emphasize the functionality of the product to customers.

individual needs

Personality needs can be said to be the characteristics of modern consumers, especially the 80s and 90s generations of consumers have obvious and diverse needs for personality. After all, with the continuous improvement of material life today, people's pursuit of quality of life is also changing, and they are beginning to pursue more personalization. Therefore, the demand for customized furniture products has also changed. On the basis of the previous functionality, increasing more individual needs.

taste needs

Many custom wardrobe franchisees will habitually mix taste needs into individual needs. In fact, these are two different directions. The taste-based demand is a certain pursuit of the quality of life. It is based on meeting the basic needs of life, and through upgrading, the quality of life can be improved to a certain extent.

Faced with such a customer group, when choosing custom wardrobe products, it is no longer simply satisfying the functional selling points, but sublimating to a quality life. And these are often reflected in the price difference of custom wardrobes, then it is necessary to improve the functional selling points, emphasize the taste-based selling points of the products, and let customers feel the difference in taste between this kind of products and other products.

For custom wardrobe franchisees, customer needs are an eternal topic. Only by constantly accumulating and summarizing some commonalities of customers can we better grasp the needs of customers

The above is all the content introduced by the wardrobe customization editor. If you want to know more related information, please pay attention!

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