Ways to solve the pressure of survival in the bathroom cabinet industry

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-01

   One. Improve the quality and output of bathroom vanity

   The chaos in the industry appears to be a downturn, but in essence, it is actually a lack of style. When there is a profitable opportunity, companies are swarming up; when the industry lacks competitiveness, they reduce quality and exchange price for quantity, which ultimately harms the rights and interests of consumers, and the development of the industry is restricted and crisis.

  Second, the style design must be simple and generous rather than flashy

   bathroom cabinets are used as durable consumer goods, not fast-moving consumer goods. The leading ideology of style design should be 'practical, simple and generous' instead of adding many 'flashy' elements.

   3. New materials for bathroom cabinets quoted

   At present, the main substrates for bathroom vanity: oak, multilayer board, density board, ecological board, PVC foam board, wood-plastic board, etc. Among the above-mentioned substrates, PVC hair is the most cost-effective and practical However, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers have been reducing the density of PVC foam boards, causing the main cabinet to be easily damaged.

   Foreign industry forecasts that PVC crust foaming is the only material that can replace bamboo and wood template in the next 50 years, and the density and thickness of the material can be adjusted arbitrarily. The finished product can be processed into various template styles at will. Foam board materials are far superior to traditional products in terms of fire resistance, corrosion, moisture and other properties.

  The base material is the basis for the stable quality of bathroom cabinets. If you do not change your concept here and blindly pursue prices, the bathroom vanity industry will follow the footsteps of the “glass basin”. Ceramic basins are currently used as the main countertop of bathroom vanity. That’s still the problem. In order to pursue the price, the quality of basin heads now has fallen too much compared to two years ago. There are too many problems such as cracks, repairs, water leakage, unevenness, etc. . Around the idea of u200bu200b'practical and durablePaint is used as the main outer coating of the bathroom vanity. The unevenness, scratch resistance, and yellowing of the paint surface have gradually emerged. The 'paint-free board' covered with acrylic, leather and other materials on the base material can solve the current problems that cannot be achieved by paint. Effect.

  4. Enterprise development should not be overly concerned about prices. Long-term development is the focus

   The healthy development of an industry is inseparable from the support of reasonable profits. For the development of an enterprise, if there is no sufficient capital guarantee, when it comes to new product research and development, only the use of new materials, stable quality, and standardized operations are the future The direction of China's manufacturing industry.

   'One price, one product. Here I only hope that the majority of sanitary ware counterparts, do not care too much about the price, because what you are buying and selling is the guarantee of long-term stability.

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