Waterproof effect of oak bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-21

Many people want to buy oak bathroom cabinets, but they have a problem. Is oak bathroom cabinets waterproof? Next, the Guangdong bathroom vanity manufacturer will analyze whether the oak bathroom cabinet is waterproof or not.

In fact, oak itself is the material for bathroom cabinets. Oak is not afraid of water. It grows in tropical areas and its density is relatively high. Now the oak bathroom vanity on the market are priced relatively high, and there is no problem.

1. Rubber wood, especially the rubber wood imported from Thailand and Malaysia, is an excellent furniture material of medium and high grade in the international and domestic markets, and it is especially suitable for making bathroom vanity.

Thailand and Malaysia are located in the subtropical zone. The local tropical rain forests have fertile soil, hot weather, rainy and humid conditions, and are most suitable for the growth of high-quality rubber wood. The growth weather, temperature and humidity are very similar to family bathrooms after expert testing; and rubber wood It is internationally recognized as having excellent characteristics such as strong wood, fine structure, beautiful texture, and bright color. It is a light-colored wood species with excellent coloring performance. It is easy to process and produce various beautiful shapes. It is an excellent material for manufacturing bathroom cabinets. Rubber wood is widely used in the production of middle and high-end furniture in Japan, Europe and the United States. This is the reason why China's entire bathroom cabinet industry, including the crowned bathroom, chooses rubber wood as the main material of high-end bathroom cabinets, and distinguishes the grade of bathroom cabinets made with relatively low-end PVC and other non-natural artificial wood as the main material.

2. The material and performance of rubber wood are not inferior to white oak and red oak, and some aspects are slightly better.

Rubber wood is a light-colored lignocellulosic wood. Compared with rare woods such as laming wood, bologna, camphor, nanmu, etc., its physical and mechanical properties are not inferior. It may be similar to white oak with physical properties and wood grain. The contrast of red oak has its own merits. Rubber wood, white oak and red oak are both deciduous woods. Rubber wood has a cross-sectional hardness of 5492N, and oak has a cross-sectional hardness of 6000-10000N; rubber wood has a bending strength of 91.8MPa, and oak has a bending strength of 88.1-118MPa; domestic rubber wood The air-dry density is 0.61kg/cubic meter, and the imported rubber wood from Thailand can reach 0.65kg/cubic meter; while the air-dry density of oak is 0.66-0.77kg/cubic meter. Judging from the most important data indicators of these three furniture woods, rubber wood has better bending resistance than oak, so it is less prone to deformation; the wood density of rubber wood is also slightly different from oak, but the hardness is slightly worse than oak. . However, from another perspective, the harder the wood, the easier it is to crack. The oak texture is hard and heavy, and it is difficult to dehydrate and clean during the wood processing. It is well known in the furniture industry that after making furniture without dehydrating clean wood, it is easy to deform and burst in a short period of time. There is no problem in the humid south. However, in the dry and cold north of China, radiators are commonly used indoors and the temperature is high. Furniture made of dehydrated clean wood is prone to cracking. Generally, the moisture content of rubber wood is dried to about 10%, which is a very good indicator, and it is very suitable for making high-end bathroom vanity. Every piece of Thai imported AA-grade rubber wood board purchased by Crowned has undergone strict wood moisture testing to ensure that the moisture content is about 10%, and it can be used for ten years without bursting. From this point, it can be seen that many customers are often afraid of solid wood bathroom cabinets and water, but they don't know that, in fact, bathroom cabinets made of rubber wood bathroom cabinets are not afraid of water, but they are really afraid of excessively dry and high-temperature environments.

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