Wardrobe decoration should avoid these pits, otherwise it will be damp and easy to break after moving in, and the service life will be short

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-23

The price of custom-made wardrobes is more cost-effective, and there are various types. You can choose according to your own preferences, and you can also create your own personal space, which is also very good. In addition, in terms of building wardrobes, everyone still needs It is worth noting that you need to find some professional teams to build, so as to avoid problems in the future. In the selection of materials, you should choose some materials with better quality, and you should go to a reliable place. buy.

There are many types of wardrobes, one is the sliding door, the other is the swing door, the wardrobe with the sliding door looks more beautiful, but she has many defects, my family did not choose it because of his defects The method of sliding door, the appearance of sliding door looks more beautiful, but it is very easy to damage, because the track of sliding door is easy to loose, it will cost a lot of money to repair in the later stage, and if there are dirty things falling on it If it is inside the track, it is very inconvenient to clean, and it is easy to damage. Its service life is still very low. In addition, its price is not low, much more expensive than the swing door.

The appearance of the swing door is also considered to be more beautiful. In addition, the most important thing is its performance index or very high service life, and it is not easy to damage, and it is very convenient to open. I prefer it I like this method, it is more convenient to use, and the price is cheaper, and it is beautiful and beautiful, and its performance is still very good. Or it must be determined according to your own situation! For reference only.

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