Wardrobe customization tells you what are the functions of the whole wardrobe back panel?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-20
Wardrobe customization tells you what are the functions of the whole wardrobe back panel?

Every year in the south, there is a saying of 'going back to the south', and the air is humid. If the moisture-proof performance of the back panel of the wardrobe is poor, the clothes, bedding and other items stored in the wardrobe are prone to damp and mildew, producing peculiar smell, and even damaging the clothes. The backplane is generally not load-bearing, and is mainly dust-proof and moisture-proof. Next, the wardrobe customization editor will introduce the functions of the wardrobe back panel:

The thickness of the backboard of the entire wardrobe is generally 5 mm, 9 mm, and 18 mm. It is better to analyze the thickness of the entire wardrobe backboard from three aspects: clearance, moisture resistance, and stability.

1. 5 mm thickness.

Gap: The 5mm backboard of the entire wardrobe can leave a lot, which is why many consumers or businesses choose 5mm backboard. However, the thickness of the 5mm backboard is always too thin. Whether it is the groove of the wardrobe backboard or the overall stability of the product, the 5mm backboard cannot fully demonstrate the performance of the wardrobe.

Thickness: 5mm wardrobe backboard can basically meet the requirements in terms of moisture resistance. Although moisture will not be directly immersed, if it encounters severe rainy season for a long time, it will still cause certain damage to the moisture-proof performance of the board.

About: The stability of the 5mm wardrobe back panel, if it is a large wardrobe, the length is between 1000mm-2000mm. For stability, the back plate is less stressed and not easily deformed. If the length span of the wardrobe exceeds 2000 mm, the corresponding stress on the back panel is too large, and the 5 mm back panel is easily deformed and broken.

Wardrobe customization tells you what are the functions of the whole wardrobe back panel?

2. 9MM thickness.

Gap: 9mm backboard is a commonly used thickness size for custom wardrobes, because in terms of gap treatment, the thickness of the 9mm backboard is more suitable for slotting, which plays a good role in maintaining the gap with the wall, and the backboard does not take up a lot of space Wardrobe space, it is beneficial to maintain the gap between the back panel and the wall, so that the moisture resistance is better.

: The 9mm thick integrated wardrobe backboard can do a good job of moisture-proofing on the space-saving wall, making the backboard stronger, and at the same time properly reserved gaps, and appropriate moisture-proof cotton can be added in the middle to make the moisture-proof performance of the wardrobe backboard more superior.

: The 9mm thick wardrobe backboard has sufficient load-bearing capacity to support the gravity of the top cabinet and each layer, which can not only ensure the stability of the wardrobe, but also reserve more space for the wardrobe without protruding, so that the usable area of ​​the wardrobe will not get smaller etc. Moreover, it is more suitable for wardrobes with a larger overall width, and its functions will be fully utilized, making the entire wardrobe extremely strong.

Wardrobe customization tells you what are the functions of the whole wardrobe back panel?

3. The thickness is 18 mm.

Overall wardrobe back panel clearance: 18 mm thickness is limited to 5 mm and above 9 mm. Since the 18mm wardrobe backboard takes up a lot of space, it will cause the original space to be occupied or stand out. If other moisture-proof methods are used, such as adding moisture-proof cotton to the back panel and painting moisture-proof paint on the wall, although it will slightly reduce the space occupation, it will reduce the volume of the interior pattern of the entire wardrobe and the depth of the wardrobe.

: In terms of moisture resistance, the 18mm wardrobe back panel is not superior to other thicknesses because of the increased thickness. Because the humidity is slowly invaded by moisture, not directly soaked in water.

Thickness: 18mm wardrobe backboard, with the strongest bearing capacity and stability. Even if the weight is increased, the back panel of the wardrobe will not be deformed, and the connection between the hardware accessories will be relatively stable, which also makes the overall wardrobe more stable and thicker, making people feel more secure.

The above is all the content introduced by the wardrobe customization editor. If you want to know more related information, please pay attention!

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