Types and advantages and disadvantages of solid wood bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-27

The advantages of    solid wood bathroom vanity:

  Solid wood feels milder, feels better grade, and can prevent moisture. The characteristics of solid wood bathroom vanity are natural, environmentally friendly, revealing natural and primitive beauty. It is natural, chemical-free, and has high ornamental value and plasticity. It can be determined according to the different needs of consumers. This is really a healthy fashion choice, and it is in line with the psychological needs of modern urbanites to admire nature.

Disadvantages of    solid wood bathroom cabinet:

  The stability of solid wood wood depends on the change of moisture content. Solid wood furniture will be affected by the surrounding environment and change the moisture content when leaving the factory. The change of moisture content will cause deformation and cracking. In addition, when making the main load-bearing part, if it is made of thin plates, such as side panels and frames, it is easier to change; therefore, in the use of solid wood bathroom cabinets, we must pay attention to the moisture content of the base material to ensure that it is in a stable In wet and dry environments.

Types of    solid wood bathroom cabinets

  1. Freestanding: Freestanding bathroom cabinets are suitable for single owners and rented apartments. They are simple in style, small in footprint, easy to take care of, and have the same functions as storage, washing, and lighting. Complete.

  2, double type: double bathroom vanity is the best choice for a two-person combination with a large bathroom. It can avoid the situation where two people are busy in the morning waiting for a wash basin. It is not only very hygienic, but also Users can arrange items according to their own living habits.

  3. Combined type: Combined bathroom vanity has strong functionality and clear classification. It has open shelves, drawers and flat doors, and different shapes and specifications. Choose different combinations and placement locations according to the frequency and quantity of items used. Common items such as towels and bath soap can be placed in an open shelf for easy access. Various infrequent cleaning supplies can be placed in the lower cabinet, and more commonly used fragile items should be placed in the glass cabinet door , Both safe and easy to find.

  4. Symmetrical: Symmetrical bathroom vanity give people a sense of visual and functional balance. Whether you are accustomed to using your right or left hand, you will find a convenient side to place items and towels.

   5. Open style: Open style bathroom vanity are suitable for bathrooms with good airtightness and dryness. Because all the supplies are exposed to the outside, the requirements for cleanliness are relatively high. This form is very convenient in use, everything is clear at a glance, saving the trouble of searching around.

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