Three points for buying bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-29

   When decorating the bathroom, we will buy a beautiful bathroom cabinet to match it, which is not only fully functional, but also can decorate the bathroom and upgrade the bathroom quality. However, there are many types of bathroom vanity on the market, with diversified styles and great differences in quality. How to buy them?

Three points for buying bathroom vanity

   One, look at the quality of the four corners of the bathroom cabinet

  Glass bathroom cabinets generally refer to tempered glass bathroom cabinets, and one of the biggest disadvantages of tempered glass is that its four corners are easily broken. Therefore, decoration owners should be careful when choosing glass bathroom vanity. Look at the quality of the four corners of the bathroom cabinet to see if it is strong. It is best to choose a bathroom cabinet with rounded corners. Too sharp corners are likely to cause harm to people. The thickness of the countertop of the glass bathroom cabinet is about 12-15mm. Don't be too thick or too thin. The thick glass bathroom cabinet will look bulky, and the thin bathroom cabinet will not be strong and durable. 12-15MM is suitable. thickness of.

   2. Check the surface quality of the bathroom cabinet

   If there are bubbles in the glass, if there are bubbles, it means that the quality of this bathroom cabinet is not good; or, if there are patterns on the surface of the bathroom cabinet basin, the industry should carefully check whether the patterns on the surface of the bathroom cabinet are patterned Clear and so on, only bathroom cabinets with clear lines and smooth materials are high-quality bathroom cabinets.

   Three, go to the regular building materials market to buy

   When choosing bathroom cabinets, decoration owners are not sure which brand is satisfactory and is considered the best bathroom vanity brand in the market. Then, please learn about the relevant bathroom through the Internet. Counter brand companies, or the discussions and exchanges among the related friends involved, to obtain first-hand information, and then choose one or more brands, learn about the style parameters of related products through its official website, and master a series of sufficient After the proof of the information, go to the formal building materials market to buy, (remember, formal) because the quality of the products sold in the formal building materials market is relatively guaranteed, and the after-sales service system is relatively complete.

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