The price war of sanitary wares needs to be flexible

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-23

The price war of    sanitary wares, 'the end of the song and the scattered' competition strategy needs to be flexible

   In recent years, the price war of bathroom vanity manufacturers has begun to 'disperseBrand competition and channel competition have become a place for sanitary ware companies to cultivate deeply. To gain a place in the fierce brand competition, it is necessary to return to consumer demand.

The four brand phases of    sanitary ware

   low-grade sanitary ware brands have low market share and profit margins. The reason why they become low-grade brands is that their brand characteristics have been or are losing their competitiveness in the market.

   low-value sanitary ware brands have a high market share or share, but their profitability is relatively low. This is because the value over-value part of many such brands (profit based on share), in most cases, is eroded by its huge cost, which usually does not come from the actual economic cost of operation. And it mainly comes from the management cost of managing a huge and bloated organization and the marketing cost (such as advertising cost, promotion cost, etc.) in order to continuously expand market share.

   The hitchhiking sanitary ware brand has a relatively low market share, but has a relatively high profit margin. This is why it is called a ride-hailing brand because these brands are mainly concentrated in small-scale, high-quality markets, and have the ability to continuously change and diversify innovation in line with market changes and customer needs.

   Premium sanitary ware brands have relatively high market share and profit margins. Value-added brands have the most favorable market position and competitive advantage in the competition, and they are of course market leaders. This type of brand not only has excellent quality attributes-in terms of quality, performance, specifications and services, but also has the ability to maintain these qualities.

   For weak brand sanitary ware manufacturers, the primary problem in implementing brand strategy is to do market research, determine reasonable market positioning and target market selection, and avoid direct confrontational competition with strong sanitary ware brands as much as possible .

   If there are many ride-hailing brand manufacturers in the market and the competition is already fierce, the ride-hailing sanitary ware brand manufacturers should carry out market transfers in a timely manner according to the brand market conditions, avoid the reality and avoid the futility, and continue to manufacture brands through the development of new products Differential advantage.

   Low-value brand sanitary ware manufacturers must always measure the input-output benefits of the regional brand market, balance the long-term and short-term benefits of brand operation, implement cost savings and optimize configuration based on the principle of maximizing brand benefits Brand resources.

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