The overall wardrobe customization guide, after reading it, will help you avoid a few detours.

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-26

Wardrobe is an important furniture for placing clothes in our daily life. With the improvement of people's living standards, the overall wardrobe has become a furniture item favored by consumers, which makes the home more beautiful and greatly increases the storage space.

1. Owners need to clarify their own customization needs: where is the custom-made wardrobe space, what is the storage function, what is the choice of design style and appearance shape. These owners need to understand that it is much more convenient to communicate design needs with designers. Don't delegate 100% to the customization company, otherwise the effect after customization and installation will be different from what you want, and most of you will not be very satisfied with the customized effect.

2. Go to a custom wardrobe store, communicate with shopping guides and designers about your needs, or make an appointment online, and let the designer communicate with you according to the on-site situation, understand the material, design, and service of the wardrobe, and determine the preliminary concept of customization.

3. When the designer comes to measure the size, it is recommended to better measure with the staff to ensure that the size is good to ensure the accuracy of the design quality and price. This is a way to prevent some small brand custom companies from cheating, and avoid the nonsense size problems of some custom companies. The owner knows that the price of the overall wardrobe customization is calculated by square meter. If the designer lied about a few square meters, you will pay thousands of dollars.

4. After 1-2 days of measuring the size, the designer will provide the design plan, space rendering and quotation, and the owner will further determine the design matters with the designer according to the plan. At this time, the owner needs to carefully check the size data and price to avoid the problem of information data asymmetry.

5. Factory production time is generally 20-50 days. The second half of the year is the peak season for furniture customization, so the production time is generally longer than the first half of the year. Therefore, owners need to make reasonable arrangements for wardrobe customization plans in advance.

6. Transportation, installation, and after-sales service. At this point, the wardrobe is all over from customization to installation.

Compared with traditional wardrobes, overall wardrobes have become more diverse in terms of style design, material selection, specifications, sizes, and styles. At the same time, the decoration and practicality of the overall wardrobe have also been improved. If you want to create a more perfect personality space, you might as well choose to customize the overall wardrobe.

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