The most common size to buy bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-30

What are the most common sizes for buying bathroom vanity (bathroom cabinet manufacturers)?

  The size of bathroom vanity is divided according to the installation method. are divided into wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and floor-standing bathroom cabinets. Floor-standing bathroom cabinet mirrors need to be installed.

   bathroom vanity size, the most common standard size of most bathroom vanity is 800mm~1000mm in length (generally including hanging cabinet), and width (wall distance): 450mm~500mm. The height of the main cabinet of the normal general bathroom vanity is between 80-85 (including the height of the basin).

  Wall-mounted bathroom vanity

   Since the size of the bathroom (bathroom cabinet manufacturer) is basically the same, the size of bathroom cabinets is not much for oversized bathroom cabinets and ultra-small bathroom cabinets. Impacted. If the bathroom cabinet is very small, you can only put a basin, and there is a wall-mounted porcelain basin, which is not only beautiful, but also does not take up space, and the length is about 500mm. In addition to the commonly used standard sizes, bathroom cabinets have a length of 1200mm. Generally, European-style and Jane-European bathroom cabinets are larger in size, because most of them need to add side cabinets, which can reach 1600mm.

  1. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets: Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets require load-bearing walls or solid brick walls. This type of bathroom cabinet is easy to take care of bathroom hygiene, and there is basically no sanitary corner. In addition, it can effectively prevent moisture from extending into the cabinet. Insulation walls and lightweight partition walls cannot be installed with such products.

  2. Floor-standing bathroom cabinets: There is little difference between floor-standing cabinets and wall-mounted ones. They just don’t pick the wall, but the underside of the cabinet is not easy to take care of, and the cabinet is easy to get damp.

  The size of solid wood bathroom cabinets is generally adjusted according to the height of the owner, from the floor to the upper edge of the basin about 80 to 85cm.

   The installation size of a general bathroom cabinet is that the distance between the surface of the cabinet and the ground is 80mm~85mm. The installation of the mirror should be based on the height and habits of the owner. It is most suitable for people to stand in front with their head in the middle of the mirror.

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