The main components of the bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-10

The main components of the bathroom vanity:

1. Washbasin: commonly known as washbasin, washbasin, etc., refers to the utensils used for washing and holding water. The materials are generally ceramic, artificial stone, glass, metal, marble, etc., and are divided into three types: above counter basin, embedded basin, and under counter basin.

2. Main cabinet: a cabinet used to support the washbasin and with storage functions. The material is generally: solid wood, artificial board, stainless steel, artificial stone, etc.

3. Faucet: A switch used to control the flow of water, which has the effect of saving water.

4. Mirror mirror cabinet: a device that is convenient for combing when taking a bath and has a positive storage function.

5. Shelf: A simple shelf for placing toiletries.

6. Sub-cabinet: A cabinet specially used for storage.

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