The key to choosing the bathroom cabinet depends on the material

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-27

   The bathroom is a relatively humid space in the daily home. When consumers buy bathroom cabinets, they should not only be interested in its beautiful appearance, but also pay attention to understanding its surface materials, substrates and all metals. For the material of the parts, try to choose moisture-proof stainless steel or special aluminum products for the bath cabinet to ensure the moisture resistance.

   At present, the mainstream substrate selected for bathroom vanity on the market is waterproof MDF, which has better waterproof performance than ordinary fiberboard and is the first choice for high-end bathroom cabinets. At the same time, certain rules must be observed when purchasing hardware. When purchasing hardware, do not blindly look at its style, but first consider its style to match the style of the three-piece bath, toilet, and basin in the bathroom. It is best to match the shape of the faucet and its surface coating treatment. Coincide.

  Secondly, due to the particularity of the bathroom environment, when consumers buy bathroom hardware, the choice of materials is also very important. At present, the materials of sanitary fittings on the market are quite rich, including copper-plated plastic products, copper-polished products, and more chrome-plated products, among which titanium alloy products are the most high-end products.

   There is a knack for shopping

   For ordinary households, industry insiders suggest that bathroom vanity should be wall-mounted, with taller legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground, so you must understand the choice when purchasing Whether the metal parts are stainless steel with moisture-proof treatment or special aluminum products for bathroom cabinets.

   At the same time, the plating layer on the exterior of the bathroom vanity hardware cannot be ignored. Among the chrome-plated products, the plating layer of ordinary products is 20 microns thick. After a long time, the material inside is susceptible to air oxidation, so try to choose the craftsmanship. The plating layer is a 28-micron thick copper chrome-plated product with a compact structure, uniform plating layer and good use effect.

   In addition, check the closing door of the bathroom vanity, it is best to open it at a large angle, and it will not be affected by the surrounding space, so that it is convenient to pick and place items. In addition, the industry also recommends that consumers, when choosing the style of bathroom vanity, must ensure the maintenance of the inlet and outlet pipes and the opening of the valves, so as not to leave unnecessary trouble for future maintenance and repairs.

   With the improvement of living conditions, people pay more and more attention to bathroom decoration, and the beautiful and exquisite bathroom cabinets have gradually become a highlight of the bathroom vision, attracting the attention of consumers. However, in daily life, scattered bathroom products are often discharged easily, which can easily cause disorganization of the space. Therefore, how to buy bathroom cabinets has gradually attracted people's attention.

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