The history of the change of bathroom cabinet style: light luxury style

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-09

In 2018, the two most popular keywords in the industry were 'full-service customization' and 'light luxury'. The concept of 'Full Guard Customization' was proposed as early as 2015, and after nearly three years of accumulation, it finally broke out. In 2018, it is also known as the 'First Year of Quanwei Customization'.

This trend has also affected the bathroom cabinet industry. Guangdong bathroom cabinet manufacturers will discuss with you the history of changes in bathroom cabinet styles. Individual bathroom cabinet brands have promoted 'full bathroom customization' to the position of brand strategy as the brand's external publicity slogan. Why do we need to talk about full-bathroom customization when discussing the light luxury style? Some insiders say that full-bathroom customization is a topic that has to be mentioned for the evolution of the bathroom cabinet industry style.

The reason why 'Full Guard Customization' is put in the 'light luxury style' is because the popularity of Quan Guard Customization and the rise of the light luxury style are almost synchronized in time, and the market background is similar, and they all reflect The consumer market is individualized, diversified, fashionable, and the demand for high quality is becoming more and more prominent. Another coincidence is that most of the bathroom cabinet brands that advocate full-bathroom customization have also launched a series of light luxury style products.

   But there is a clear difference between the bathroom vanity products customized by the whole bathroom and the light luxury style bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinet products in the complete bathroom customization are mainly panel furniture, focusing on simplicity and practicality, simple styles, and not involving too much design.

   In addition to consumption upgrades, industry advancement and other reasons, the emergence of light luxury style bathroom vanity is also a product of iterative product upgrades.

   made adjustments, not only European antique cabinets, but also various styles of bathroom vanity are constantly innovating to better adapt to market changes. Therefore, from the light luxury style, it is subdivided into European light luxury (or European modern), American light luxury, Italian light luxury, German light luxury (or German modern), and even Chinese light luxury (new Chinese style) and other different sub-categories.

   It is true that there are different opinions on the definition of 'light luxuryOne understands light luxury as 'mild luxuryThe 'burden reduction' embodied in the product design is reflected in fewer decorations, preference for embellishment of metal elements, more refined and smooth lines, stylish design, and both practicality and comfort.

   Another view is from the perspective of product pricing/positioning, and understands light luxury as 'affordable luxury'. This view was earlier popular in the fashion and department store industries. Many big-name sub-line, style brands and original designer brands have also positioned themselves as 'light luxury brands

   From the perspective of the current bathroom vanity industry, the concept of light luxury style bathroom cabinets is more inclined to the first type, which is mainly reflected in the difference in design.

  Light luxury style bathroom vanity are lighter and more elegant in style. They are not thick and heavy, such as the cabinet feet are lighter; they are mostly designed with straight lines and partially decorated with metal, such as metal handles, metal frames, and metal cabinets. Feet, metal decorative strips, etc.

   Colors are popular in earth tones or neutral colors, and are keen on using two-color contrasting techniques to refresh people through color contrast, which is closer to the current Inter Milan modern design style.

   In addition to the difference in appearance, American light luxury still retains American feelings, warm and comfortable; Italian light luxury highlights Italian romance and graceful style; German light luxury shows German rigorous and restrained, with The smell of industrial wind.

   At this point, the mainstream styles of the domestic bathroom cabinet industry have been gathered: modern simplicity, European antique, American, new Chinese, Nordic (Italian), and light luxury styles. When the splendid era of outliers has passed, the industry has entered a new era of blooming flowers. Each style under a specific background, one after another, ups and downs, and then find their own foothold space.


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