The hidden rules of choosing moisture-proof bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-25

   To understand the moisture-proof function of bathroom vanity, you can start with the installation method of bathroom cabinets, plates, and hardware.

   Installation method

The installation method of    bathroom vanity is related to the way of watering in the house. Before purchasing a bathroom cabinet, make sure that the drainage method at home is wall drainage or floor drainage.

   If it is wall drainage, it is recommended to buy a hanging bathroom cabinet, and for floor drainage, choose a floor-standing bathroom cabinet.

   Although the installation methods are different, the moisture-proof effects of the two are comparable. Due to the large distance between the bottom of the cabinet and the ground, hanging bathroom cabinets are more convenient to clean than floor-standing ones.

   However, hanging bathroom vanity have very high requirements on the wall of the home by gravity, and it is not suitable to place heavy objects. In contrast, floor-standing bathroom cabinets are more resistant to gravity and have a more 'secure'.

  Board material

   There are two main types of bathroom vanity panels currently on the market: PVC material and solid wood material.

  PVC material has good waterproof performance, high temperature resistance and easy care. The color is rich, and the style tends to be younger. Compared with solid wood material, the price is better.

   High-grade solid wood bathroom cabinets generally use natural oak as the raw material, which releases less formaldehyde, is environmentally friendly and healthy, and is more durable. The style is more stable and generous.

   Another more common solid wood material is multilayer board. The multi-layer board is formed by hot pressing of three or more layers of wood glue.

  The moisture-proof effect of the multi-layer board is also good, but when purchasing, it is recommended to choose a big brand. Inferior multi-layer board bathroom cabinets are prone to damp after long-term use, which can lead to cracking.

   five gold accessories

  Hardware is often more important than board to determine the service life of bathroom cabinets. In a damp environment for a long time, inferior hardware is easy to rust and change color, which affects the normal opening of the bathroom cabinet.

   You can experience the opening effect of the bathroom vanity when you buy it. Special attention should be paid to bathroom vanity that do not have a buffer function when closed. Not only will noise be generated during the opening and closing process, the fingers are also easily pinched.

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