The color and style of bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-11

1. The color matching of bathroom cabinets

The colors of bathroom vanity are even more diverse. In recent years, light-colored bathroom cabinets are still the mainstream. The pure white bathroom cabinets create the elegance and cleanliness of the bathroom, bright and pleasant, revealing comfort and calmness, and the entire color palette is seamlessly combined with the white of the ceramic basin. The elegant colors make you feel like you are in the quiet world. After the cumbersome life, you can enjoy the freshness of nature when you enter this space. All the disturbances are instantly free, and you are at ease. In addition, the use of translucent mirrors can bring a cool feeling.

2. Choice of bathroom cabinet style

mainly have four styles: avant-garde play cool, nostalgic classic, natural and fresh and modern classic. The avant-garde Shaku bathroom cabinet is based on a simple design style, and the colors used are bolder, which is favored by many young people. The nostalgic classical bathroom cabinet has a Chinese-style classical artistic beauty, and it is better to decorate the bathroom with the anti-corrosion floor, which is more coordinated. Natural and fresh bathroom vanity are one of the mainstream fashion bathroom cabinets. The refreshing and clean white allows the bathroom to have fresh air like the woods after the rain. The modernist classical bathroom vanity incorporates modern elements into the classical charm. It does not paint wood color into antique furniture color, but uses dark wood material, such as walnut; its lines are simple and smooth, rather than European classical style The complexity of the curve. In terms of accessories, it abandons the classical European style and exaggeration, and emphasizes the most basic storage function of the bathroom cabinet.

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