The characteristics of multi-layer solid wood bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-05

1. The appearance of multi-layer solid wood is glossy, the paint film is plump and even, without needles and grains, without indentation and planing marks. The appearance of the bathroom cabinet is not decayed, no dead knots, no joint holes, no worm holes, no cracks and other defects. Compared with ordinary PU paint, the bathroom multi-layer solid wood bathroom cabinet adopts a new type of UV paint six times and three times. UV curing, secondary planing treatment, the paint can penetrate into the surface board to the maximum, so the paint film will not appear to fall off.

2. The multi-layer solid wood panel has good waterproof performance. It adopts imported high-quality multi-layer solid wood as the main material. The performance can reach more than 10 days in water or boiled for more than 10 hours without swelling or cracking. It has strong waterproof Sexual and physical, very suitable for bathroom use.

3. The appearance is stylish and beautiful, the solid wood texture is clear and uniform, and the product style is suitable for consumers seeking modern health and fashion.


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