The biggest advantage of custom bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-05

  一. Finished bathroom vanity

   manufacturers When it comes to bathroom cabinets, most people will choose finished products. Because the overall performance of the finished bathroom cabinet is very good, it is usually equipped with cabinets, faucets, mirrors, basins, etc., and the range of choices is relatively wide, beautiful in appearance and outstanding in practicality. However, the biggest problem with finished bathroom cabinets is that they cannot be based on their own house types and the prices of large brands are usually more expensive than small brands. It is difficult to judge the quality and service. In addition, finished cabinets are generally more suitable for larger bathrooms.

  Second, customized bathroom cabinet

   Next, let’s talk about custom bathroom cabinets. The biggest advantage of custom bathroom cabinets (bathroom cabinet manufacturers) is that they can be customized according to their own house type and style. Reasonable use of the bathroom space at home can make good use of the more exotic corners of the room. In addition to drawers and doors, the overall style and color of other functional cabinets such as partitions, paper towel racks, etc. can be unified with the cabinets and other furniture in the home. For the shortcomings of custom bathroom vanity, styles and styles are not as selective as the finished products.

   3. Self-built bathroom cabinet

   Friends who don’t like customized and finished bathroom cabinets can also ask bricklayers to build a bathroom vanity. The advantage of the self-built bathroom vanity is that it is not afraid of moisture, and it is very durable, not to worry about harmful gases such as formaldehyde. However, the disadvantages of self-built bathroom cabinets are also very obvious. First of all, the technical requirements for bricklayers are very high, style restrictions are relatively large, and styles are more selective, and it is difficult to replace in the future. It is suitable for a space with a relatively large bathroom area. If the washing machine is put in the bathroom, you can also build a washing cabinet together.


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