The benefits of whole house customization

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-06

In our fast-paced life, we often yearn for simple and fresh things. No flashy colors are required to render, nor complex elements to overlay. Golden Age advocates new minimalism, discards all superfluous things, pursues pure and impurity-free artistic effects, and strives to create a natural space full of tranquility and gentleness. Whole house customization can meet the needs of the public.

With the popularity of the new minimalist style, more and more urbanites begin to abandon complexity, tend to choose some simple functional cabinets without losing texture, and interpret a simple and natural decoration attitude. The cabinets of the golden age restaurant are designed with vertical handles, the facade is simple and clean, without redundant decorations, and easy to open, which is very suitable for minimalists.

Inlaid aquariums are set in custom cabinetry throughout the house, adding flexibility to the dining room space and bringing a fresh ocean vibe to the warm kitchen. Golden Age designed two styles of dining room cabinets. In addition to the mosaic aquarium, the other is Morandi processing industrial and artistic style with storage and display functions. The colors are fresh and elegant, calling people to return to nature. Compared with the traditional design, the foldable long dining table in the restaurant is more in line with the needs of residents. You can pull it out to use as a dining table when you need it. When you don't need it, you can get it back perfectly without taking up space. It can be described as a combination of fashion and utility. It can add a touch of emotion to the monotonous family life. For those who have a busy day, they can use this small world to eliminate the fatigue of the day.

The whole room is customized through the whole house, using fashionable and advanced Morandi color matching, and the large area of ​​jazz white is clean, simple, bright and thorough; Morandi plus is warm and gentle. The overall tone makes every scene in the space look gray and high-level, presenting a quiet and soothing beauty. The unique structure of the metal partition cabinet and the low-key and simple invisible handle not only reduce the design, but also reduce the life of the residents. A simple and atmospheric field, it carries a full 'empty', fashion and comfort directly to the heart!

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