The advantages of separating the bathroom cabinet from the toilet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-26

   With the popularization of decoration knowledge, more and more people understand the importance of wet and dry partitions in the bathroom. The main one is to separate the shower area from dry areas such as toilets and bathroom cabinets.

   But in fact, for convenience and cleanliness, it is often the most correct choice to move the bathroom cabinet outside. Of course, if the distance between the toilet and the bathroom vanity is wide, or when there is a complete partition, this The design is also more reasonable. Guangdong bathroom vanity manufacturer: http://www.mejace.net.

   Then what is the advantage of separating the bathroom cabinet from the toilet?

  1, not crowded

   Generally, the morning is the peak of going to the toilet. There are also family members who are sent out to wash their faces and teeth. If the toilet and bathroom cabinet are placed together, the inconvenience and odor are a pity.

   So whether it is adding a partition or a free-standing bathroom cabinet, such embarrassing problems will not arise. Moreover, independent bathroom vanity and toilets can meet a variety of needs at the same time, which is very suitable for houses where multiple people live, and can save a lot of time.

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  2, clean and hygienic

   If an open sink is installed in the home, then general toiletries will also be placed directly on the countertop or shelf. At this time, the bacteria that grows in the toilet will spread directly to the entire bathroom when flushing. In this way, it will cause pollution to personal cleaning products, which will affect the health of the human body over time. Therefore, the separated bathroom cabinets can ensure good cleanliness and hygiene. Moreover, a humid environment can also cause metal materials to rust, and safety issues are even more prominent.

  3, stylish and beautiful

  The independent bathroom cabinet is more decorative, such as the unique color and shelf combination, which can make people feel the beauty of the design while being convenient to use.

   Independent bathroom cabinets have a variety of design methods, whether it is bathroom cabinets of different shapes or styles, they can be satisfied. Coupled with different lighting designs, bathroom cabinets can also be the beauty of home design.

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