Teach you to quickly install bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-02

   teaches you how to quickly install bathroom vanity (bathroom vanity manufacturers):

   1. Installation of the main cabinet: Unpack the product and accessories, take out the cabinet, remove the handle that is inverted into the cabinet, and install it on the front of the drawer or door. Screw the screws into the holes of the main cabinet door plate, align the screws and tighten them, and adjust them. (Hanging cabinet) Refer to the environmental requirements, determine the installation location, make a fixed-point mark, and then drill the holes, then drive in the expansion screws, and then put the main cabinet against the wall and install the screws. (Note, the screw is best to use the one configured by the manufacturer, which is long enough.)

   2. Basin: After the above installation is completed, put on the countertop, (note that it is usually marble or Phoenix stone countertops, and it can be placed directly on it), and then put on the countertop basin or countertop Under the basin. If it is a one-piece ceramic basin, install the suction cup on the suction cup hole of the cabinet panel, place the ceramic plate on the bathroom cabinet stably, and check whether the four corners are stable, and ensure that the basin surface is placed horizontally. (Glass glue can be applied to the fine seam between the basin and the wall when necessary).

  3. Mirror cabinet installation: According to the specifications and dimensions of the lens, take the ceramic basin and the horizontal line against the wall as the standard, and determine the actual height of the faucet to be installed, (usually 20 cm to 25 cm is fine) with a pencil Draw a parallel line parallel to the side line at an appropriate distance according to the actual situation of the two; at the same time, align the mirror cabinet with the side line parallel line, adjust the period to a suitable position based on the ceramic basin, and mark the lens frame and the back hook position with a pencil, and confirm Installation position: According to the marked hook hole position, insert screws on the wall, and then install the mirror cabinet.

  4. Basin drain: After the above installation is completed, install the upper basin drain on the sink of the ceramic basin. Install an orchid drain on the drain joint of the basin, adjust the height of the copper pipe of the orchid drain hole to the position of the horizontal drain hole according to the actual height of the horizontal drain hole reserved in the basin cabinet, that is, the orchid drain and the ceramic basin are drained It is advisable to tighten the connector of the connector with the equipped outer hexagonal nut until it is not loose. After fixing, install a decorative cup on the horizontal drainage pipe, then put the equipped telescopic hose and stainless steel jacket on the outlet of the horizontal drainage pipe and adjust the stainless steel with a screwdriver to ensure that the telescopic pipe and the water outlet are not loose.

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