Talk about the three types of basins in bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-26

   Above counter basin: The above counter basin looks good in style, and the construction is relatively simple. Just put it on top and put a circle of glass glue on it. In terms of styles, you can choose a variety of shapes such as square, round, etc., with strong artistic sense and excellent aesthetics. Many beautiful home pictures also choose above counter basins.

   However, the shortcomings of the above counter basin are also very obvious, and it is easy to leave a sanitary corner, especially the front side, which is very troublesome to clean. In addition, if the glass glue has not selected the flowers, it is easy to mold and turn black.

  Under counter basin: The under counter basin is installed under the countertop. It is convenient to clean the bathroom. If there is water on the countertop, you can wipe it into the sink with a rag. However, if the worker's craftsmanship is not in place, the load-bearing effect is not good and it is easy to fall.

   One-piece basin: One-piece basin means that the basin and the countertop are integrated, which is convenient for cleaning. Although the face value is not high, it is very convenient to use, and the face will not be covered with water.

  Mirror cabinet can increase storage space

When decorating   , one should consider whether to choose a mirror or a mirror cabinet? I personally think that the mirror cabinet is more convenient to use and can increase a lot of storage space. Hide the bottles and cans to free up the countertop space, so that the bathroom will look more tidy.

  Mirror cabinet is best to choose partly open storage, partly closed storage. One for commonly used items can store infrequently used items. Many families now reserve sockets inside mirror cabinets to facilitate the charging of electric toothbrushes and razors.

   If you don't make a mirror cabinet, you can also use the wall to make an alcove, or choose a pendant with a higher appearance.

   Or make full use of the space above the toilet to store bottles and cans.

   mirror front light can’t be saved

   In addition to the ceiling lamp on the top of the bathroom lighting, don’t forget the bathroom cabinet lighting design. When the light is better, looking in the mirror will be much clearer. Many families will place a mirror lamp above the mirror. If conditions permit, it is also recommended to place lights on the left and right sides of the mirror.

   There is also a distinction between mirror front light and ambient light. The ambient light is mainly arranged with LED strips around the mirror to enhance the atmosphere. If it is to be used for lighting, the brightness is not enough.

  wall drainage saves more space

   When arranging the plumbing of the bathroom vanity, you can consider wall drainage. Compared with the traditional drainage, the space utilization rate of the bathroom cabinet is higher, and it is not easy to leave a sanitary corner. In particular, if you choose a wall-mounted bathroom vanity, it is recommended to choose wall drainage. The space below is easier to clean, and the sewage pipe is not visible.

   Pull the faucet to make it easier for you to wash your hair

   If you have the habit of washing your hair in the morning, then it will be much more convenient to choose a pull faucet. When washing your hair, you can pull it out, similar to a shower, but when not in use, it is the same as an ordinary faucet. Some finished bathroom vanity with special shampoo nozzles are also easy to use.

  Double basins are easy to use

   families with a large population can choose a double basin design, so you don’t need to grab a wash in the morning. Double basins are only suitable for larger bathrooms. If the bathroom is too small, don't force it.


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