Talk about the causes of color difference in bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-26

The color difference of    bathroom cabinets is mainly due to differences in tree species, origin, color, and texture. As long as the furniture is solid wood, there will be color differences. Let's take a look at the reasons for the color difference of solid wood bathroom cabinets!

  The color difference of the treetops and roots

   Some solid wood bathroom vanity are made of tree roots, and some are made of treetops. The color is darker near the roots and lighter near the treetops.

  The color difference of the bark and the heart

  The area near the bark of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is light in color and light in weight; the area near the center of the tree is dark in color and heavy in weight.

   processing method causes color difference

   The furniture wood plank method is different, some are made by diameter cutting, and some are made by string cutting. After processing, the texture is different. Two pieces of wood with different wood grains will inevitably have color difference in vision.

   color difference caused by installation factors

   Because the growth cycle of forest resources is very long, sometimes it takes decades to mature. Therefore, even if the wood has a color difference, the carpenter will not waste it at will. Generally, the carpenter will put similar or similar colors together during the installation process, or hide the wood with large color difference in a hidden place, otherwise it will easily cause the feeling of large color difference in the furniture.

   Take the common solid wood table in the home as an example:

   Different angles (front and side), different environments (light intensity), different devices (mobile phones or SLRs), and different times (morning, mid, and evening) take different pictures, which will produce visual effects. The color difference. What's more, the solid wood bathroom cabinet placed in the bathroom?

The color difference of    bathroom vanity is related to the quality?

The color difference of    solid wood bathroom cabinet is determined by its natural properties. Wood is a porous material. Different parts of the material have different densities, and the degree of absorption of light and paint varies from part to part. Therefore, sometimes the color on both sides of the same cabinet door will have different shades and different textures. A slight color difference is not a quality problem. . But if there are two completely different colors on one surface, it may be a quality problem.

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