Take you to understand the current popular whole house custom light luxury style

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-28

Home decoration style is an aspect that our young people pursue. Whole house customization, currently popular decoration styles include diversity, minimalism, modern minimalism, light luxury, minimalism light luxury, new Chinese style, etc. The current popular light luxury style is decorative design. Many people don't know that its advantage is whether its design will be exaggerated and outdated after a long time. Customize the whole house and impress your neighbors by choosing the popular light luxury style. Light luxury style decoration creates a sense of luxury through simple lines, which means 'light luxury'. It is characterized by 'light'. It abandons too many luxurious and delicate decorations, making the whole home more refined and exquisite.

Infect the owners with exquisite details At present, people who pursue light luxury style decoration are basically in the age group of 20-40 years old, and they are basically contemporary young people. They impress every point of life with details, and the home decoration cannot be sloppy. The light and luxurious style design reflects the luxury of every space from home to home, and the matching of every detail element is just right. Customization of the whole house, the customization of the whole house can be said to provide services according to the needs of customers, meet customer needs, and realize 'what you want is what you want'. Light luxury decoration is mostly based on simple lines. The application of revolving door cabinets extends the visual experience of the entire space and increases the height of the space. At the same time, the overall visual feeling is also more advanced.

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