Steel-wood bathroom cabinets may become a major selling point in the future market

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-05

   Many sanitary ware companies do not understand consumer preferences at all, and blindly develop products, resulting in a backlog of final products, and companies are facing survival dilemmas. As a sanitary ware company, market research is extremely critical. The sanitary ware industry has entered a new development cycle, paying more attention to product quality. Sanitary ware companies should continuously enhance their independent innovation capabilities, high-end manufacturing capabilities, marketing capabilities and brand influence. In the future, the sanitary ware industry will also transform from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing, from learning manufacturing to innovative manufacturing, and from manual manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. This is the key to promoting the development of the sanitary ware market.

   As a new product of bathroom hardware,    bathroom cabinet is a new industry created by the intersection of the furniture industry and the bathroom industry. In just a few years, it has suddenly emerged in the sanitary ware industry market and has become an essential element of domestic consumer sanitary decoration. Even when the entire building materials industry is severely affected at the same time, as a bathroom vanity product in the bathroom industry, it has bucked the market and the market has responded strongly, and bathroom cabinet companies are advancing with leaps and bounds. Most bathroom cabinet manufacturers are mainly concentrated in production areas such as Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang. The production areas of Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang rely on their advantages in geography, industrial chain, talent technology, resources, and logistics, and their products' radiation ability, competitiveness and influence Much larger than other places. From the comparison of bathroom cabinet materials, bathroom vanity products are made of various materials, mainly solid wood, PVC, ceramics, stainless steel and other materials.

   in most families are basically made of traditional composite panels, solid wood panels and stainless steel. made of solid wood and pvc materials, although these materials have been processed, will still have problems such as expansion and deformation or even bursting due to damp after a long time. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are durable and environmentally friendly, but are subject to material restrictions. Therefore, how to solve the adaptability of bathroom cabinet materials in the bathroom has become the focus of many bathroom cabinet manufacturers.

   Some bathroom cabinet manufacturers have combined the characteristics of solid wood bathroom cabinets and stainless steel bathroom vanity, and creatively introduced steel-wood bathroom cabinets. The steel-wood bathroom cabinet overcomes the traditional disadvantages of solid wood, pvc and stainless steel bathroom cabinets to a certain extent. In addition, the steel-wood bathroom cabinet combines the characteristics of solid wood and stainless steel, which is extremely strong. plasticity. At the same time, the style can be expressed in various forms such as individuality, fashion, antique, simple European, and post-modern. Therefore, steel and wood bathroom cabinets have been welcomed by many consumers, especially young consumer groups, as soon as they were launched.

   At present, many consumers and distributors have expressed their willingness to purchase and agency. However, there are not many domestic manufacturers producing steel-wood bathroom cabinets, which has become a shortcoming in the market sales of steel-wood bathroom cabinets. At the same time, they also said that as the market matures, steel-wood bathroom cabinets will surely grow in the future. Become the next profit growth point for many bathroom cabinet agents.

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