Some ways to prevent moisture in bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-19

  1, dry and wet separation

   The best way to prevent the bathroom vanity from getting wet is to separate the bathroom from wet and dry, and separate the shower area from other areas. In this way, the shower water will not splash everywhere and keep the space outside the shower room dry.

  2, use moisture-proof and mildew-proof materials

   The bathroom of an ordinary family is only a few square meters. There is no space and no conditions for separation of dry and wet. You can buy composite panels with moisture-proof and mildew-proof treatment as the cabinet surface material. It can also allow businesses to install anti-collision rubber strips where the cabinet body and the cabinet door contact, which can effectively block the invasion of moisture and reduce the noise of opening and closing the cabinet door.

  3. Use waterproof paint

   When we select bathroom vanity, we should not only look at the color and shape of the product, but also pay attention to some details of the interior and back. Generally speaking, the front of the bathroom cabinet is coated with special paint, and it is easy to wipe with water or liquid splashed on it. The back and the inside are easily overlooked, which will cause the cabinet to be corroded. Therefore, it is best to choose a product that also has a waterproof treatment on the back side, so as to reduce the possibility of corrosion.

  4. Keep the cabinet away from the ground as much as possible

   In the shape of bathroom vanity, try to choose wall-mounted cabinets, cabinet legs with relatively high legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground. Do not choose direct contact with the ground.

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