Small knowledge of custom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-01

Cabinets can be said to be the core part of the kitchen. Food is very important to people. The kitchen provides us with three meals a day, and the requirements for healthy eating are still high. Therefore, having a good custom cabinet is a good choice. Now, with more and more custom cabinet styles, many consumers will be confused when buying. So what skills do you need to know about custom cabinets? And what tips we should master in customizing cabinets so that we can make the right choice. First of all, custom cabinets are kitchen items. For the sake of health and safety, we should pay attention to moisture and water, so we must pay attention to sealing. Cabinets are made of panels, hardware and other materials. The quality of the materials used will directly affect the quality and environmental protection of the cabinet. Therefore, it is recommended to choose high-quality materials to ensure quality and environmental protection.

Three well-crafted cabinets are more convenient to use. It can judge whether the door panels and cabinets are scratched, painted or damaged, whether the edge banding treatment is strict, and whether the overall structure is firm. A contract with detailed specifications provides consumers with a minimum guarantee and is a safe guarantee for buying cabinets. When purchasing, pay attention to check whether the contract affects product prices, signs, accessories, service content, rights and interests of both parties, etc. With standardized contracts, we can avoid future disputes and have documentary evidence to protect our rights.

Due to the different structures of the kitchen, most people choose custom cabinets when decorating the kitchen. Custom cabinets can be in your preferred style or to suit your requirements. So in the process of customizing cabinets, what kind of custom cabinet knowledge do we need to know? Let's see.

1. You can start shopping before decoration, and consider brand, style, material, style and other aspects when purchasing for the first time.

2. After confirming the cabinet, when the electrician is present, the cabinet designer can go to the door for preliminary measurement.

3. After the designer comes out with the design, if the owner has no objection, he can draw the water and electricity renovation plan.

4. After installation of water, electricity, gas, tiles and ceiling, you can go to the cabinet designer to retest.

5. After the owner confirms that there is no problem with the design drawings, he can sign the contract and officially put into production.

6. The comprehensive business department will confirm the installation with the owner two days in advance.

7. When installing the cabinet, it is recommended to install the sink, range hood, gas stove and small appliances at the same time, one step in place, rich texture; scratch resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, fade resistance, no cracking, no deformation ; Daily maintenance is simple.

8. The solid wood door panel has good texture, high-grade appearance, natural texture, environmental protection, no pollution, durable, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance

9. Check whether the quantity and style, the color and model of the cabinet door are consistent with the order contract.

10. Check the cabinet body and door for scratches and peeling.

11. Check whether the contact between the door panel and the cabinet body is stable, whether the cabinet door can be closed tightly, whether the handle and edge banding are firm, whether the screws are firm, and whether there are scratches or excessive joints on the countertop material.

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