Should you choose a flat door or a sliding door for a custom wardrobe?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-30

Wardrobe, as one of the most common pieces of furniture, plays an essential role in home storage.

According to the opening of the cabinet door, people will divide the wardrobe into a swing door wardrobe and a sliding door wardrobe. So when you order a wardrobe, should you choose a sliding door or a sliding door?

Advantages of swing door wardrobe

Strong applicability

Since the door of the open-door wardrobe opens outwards, the practical area of ​​the wardrobe is more abundant, and the space capacity is higher. The door can also be designed to store small items, and the utilization rate is higher.

Closed type is good

The hinges and other hardware are used to close the swing door wardrobe. The degree of fit between the cabinet door and the cabinet door is improved.

strong and sturdy

Compared with sliding doors, swing door wardrobes are stronger and more durable. Even if the service life is longer, as long as the cabinet door is not corroded, and only need to replace hinges and other hardware, it can continue to be used!

Advantages of sliding door wardrobe

save space

The sliding door wardrobe mainly uses the space on the parallel line, and the opening and closing of the cabinet door occupies the area of ​​the guide rail. Because it occupies less land, it is very popular among owners of small-sized houses.

strong humanization

There are various styles of sliding door wardrobes. This wardrobe can be placed on the wall, and can also be designed with body curves and other shapes on the door frame. requirements of customization.

In fact, according to the classification of cabinet doors, in addition to the above two types, there are also open and sliding door types.

The open wardrobe is not equipped with cabinet doors. This method has strong storage functions, is convenient and fashionable, but it is basically not anti-fouling. The sliding door type, because the opening and closing takes up space and the metal products are easily damaged, does not occupy the advantage, so it is not common in the market at present.

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