Several decoration methods for bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-24

  一. Solid wood bathroom cabinet

   made of wood by    bathroom cabinet manufacturers have gradually been eliminated due to the wood’s ability to be easily moldy due to water. If the bathroom area at home is large enough, and the wet and dry separation is done well, there is no big problem in choosing solid wood bathroom vanity. Especially in some European-style decoration families, the solid wood material has a more luxurious decoration effect.

  二、Aluminum alloy bathroom cabinet 

   Aluminum alloy is moisture-proof and waterproof, will not be moldy and decayed, is light and durable, and has gradually become an important material for home decoration, and aluminum alloy bathroom vanity have become the first choice for most home decoration.

  三. PVC bathroom cabinet

  PVC has good water resistance, light weight, good stability, long practical life, and low price.

  4. Brickwork

   have seen bricks and tiles build cabinets, have you ever seen bricks and tiles build bathroom cabinets? The bathroom cabinet made of cement, bricks and ceramic tiles is waterproof and moisture-proof and has a long service life.

  5. Alcove

   If the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom is too small to place the bathroom cabinet, you can make an alcove on the concave-convex space on the wall, which can also play the role of the bathroom cabinet.

  6. Matters needing attention

   If space in the home permits, it is recommended to put the bathroom vanity outside the bathroom, so that you do not need to consider the problem of moisture, and it can also make the bathroom cabinet have a longer service life, and the toothbrush, towels and other toiletries are not There will be the problem of being infected by bacteria.


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