Rejecting moldy bathroom cabinets, these 6 tricks are enough

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-31

   Moisture in the bathroom is often an annoying problem for many owners. The humid environment not only makes it uncomfortable to use, but also easily molds the bathroom vanity, which shortens the service life of the bathroom cabinet. How to make the bathroom cabinet not damp and mildew, and use it longer?

  1. Wall entry design to prevent water vapor penetration

   Generally speaking, the top 50% of the moisture in the bathroom comes from the ground. The wall-in-the-wall bathroom vanity design can avoid the problem of direct moisture absorption at the bottom and maximize the space effect.

  2, use waterproof materials with good moisture resistance

   The bathroom space in ordinary households is often difficult to achieve complete dry and wet separation because of the small number of pings. Therefore, in the selection of bathroom cabinet materials, composite panels can provide better waterproofness

  3. Rubber edging providing sound-absorbing buffer

  Usually, rubber side strips with anti-collision function are installed at the part where the door flaps and the cabinet body connect. In addition to reducing the sound of closing the door, it can also completely block the water vapor outside the cabinet body.

  4. Hardware accessories that can resist corrosion and rust

   Regarding the selection of hinges and slide rails, they must be able to completely fit the opening and closing. If there is rust and corrosion, it will affect the sealing effect, so the corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant hardware accessories can also extend the bathroom cabinet Service life.

  5. Waterproof aluminum foil placed at the bottom of the cabinet

   In normal use, the faucet and basin will produce a lot of condensed water when encountering water vapor, and the condensed water will flow into the bottom of the cabinet along the countertop. At this time, add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil to the bottom of the cabinet to avoid the cabinet. The body is moldy and deformed.

  6. Install side drain bottom plate for drainage pipe

   The basin is often directly connected to the bathroom cabinet, and the water outlet pipe of the basin will directly pass through the bottom plate and enter the sewage pipe. If the side leakage bottom plate can be installed at the water outlet of the pipe, it can completely prevent the condensate water from blocking. The edge of the sheet is invaded.

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