Recommended four mainstream styles of bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-30

   With the continuous improvement of people's taste in life, the choice of furniture is no longer merely practical, but also the pursuit of beauty and coordination. Of course, the bathroom decoration will not be overlooked. What style should you choose for the bathroom cabinet? What kind of home decoration is suitable for each?

  The first type: minimalist style bathroom cabinet

  The minimalist style bathroom vanity does not pay attention to luxury, but focuses on simplicity and not simplicity. It uses geometric and line elements, which also saves a lot of space for the bathroom, and provides users with more comfort with a humanized and reasonable design. Experience. Because the pursuit is simplicity and practicality, it is suitable for home furnishings that are also modern and simple. Relatively speaking, the price is cheaper and it is more popular among young people who pursue minimalist style.

  Characteristics: simple, elegant, stylish, rich and changeable colors, complete functions, and constantly applying high-tech products and new technologies to make it more humane.

  Advantages: simple structure, easy processing, high degree of standardization, and low price.

   Disadvantages: Mostly made of man-made boards, which need to be improved in terms of environmental protection and water resistance.

   The second type: Pastoral style bathroom cabinet

   Pastoral style bathroom vanity are changeable in color, emphasizing the return to nature. The design strives to show the leisure and natural pastoral life. The overall look is very delicate, giving people the greatest feeling of warmth and romance. Coupled with the use of plants and other elements, it creates a fresh feeling, which is especially suitable for people who yearn for pastoral life, and it can match the style of multi-clock home decoration.

   Features: Emphasis on nature, simple and simple in shape, mainly white, mostly in response to the surrounding environment, and can be decorated with small potted plants.

  Advantages: The whole is more refined, which can be used for many decoration styles.

   Disadvantages: Not enough practical functions are considered.

  The third type: Classical style bathroom cabinet

  Classic style bathroom vanity are mostly made of pure solid wood. The lines are simple and smooth, the shape is simple, and the patterns are matched with Chinese charm. The symmetry is emphasized, there is no redundancy and burden, and the rigorous style, yes, the whole bathroom cabinet looks Concise and elegant, it reflects the profound cultural heritage of Chinese civilization. In conjunction with Chinese-style decoration, it can better reflect the owner's refined and peaceful temperament.

   Features: The shape emphasizes symmetry, with exquisite hand-carved flowers, and the natural and generous color conforms to the oriental aesthetics.

The advantages of   : good waterproof and long service life.

   Disadvantages: expensive, simple function, single color.

   Type 4: European style bathroom cabinet

  European style bathroom vanity emphasizes the change of linear flow. It is based on romanticism in form, with light and slender curve decoration, exquisite carvings, and classical modeling, giving people a noble and luxurious feeling. Relatively speaking, the volume is larger, and it is more suitable for the space with larger bathroom. Therefore, it is generally suitable for villas or larger apartments, and it is more atmospheric.

   Features: The shape is more complicated, with exquisite hand-carved flowers, which is noble, luxurious and retro.

The advantages of   : good waterproof and long service life.

   Disadvantages: The price is more expensive, the function is simple, and it occupies a large space. Some natural marble countertops will produce radiation.

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