Recognition of the quality of solid wood bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-27

1. Identify true and false moisture-proof cabinets

At present, the cabinets of bathroom vanity mainly include solid wood, multi-layer boards, PVC, etc., and they are mainly made of multi-layer solid wood boards. The solid wood is used as the base material and then the solid wood is used for veneer, and then the surface is painted. Made of various waterproof paints. This kind of board has very good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and its shape is fashionable or simple. It is the mainstream product on the market today and is deeply loved by consumers.

PVC bathroom vanity are rich in colors and good in shape. They are also good in waterproof and moisture-proof performance. However, cracks may appear after a long period of time, so you need to choose them carefully.

Regarding the waterproof and moisture-proof issues that many consumers worry about, the person in charge of Shanggao Sanitary As long as you choose products with good brand reputation, consumers can use them with confidence.

2. Identify good and bad hardware accessories

Although hardware accessories are small, they occupy an extremely important position in the entire bathroom vanity, which not only affects the comfort of daily use, but also affects the quality of the entire bathroom cabinet.

The hinges used in the current well-known brand bathroom vanity are imported from Germany, and the quality is guaranteed. The door is soft when opening and closing the door, it is easy to open, and there is no noise when it is closed. Exquisite hinges are generally welded from thin iron sheets, which have poor flexibility and the cabinet doors are not closed tightly. Drawer slide rails Whether the drawer can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, to what extent, what the load-bearing is, and whether it will tip over depends on the support of the slide rails. Good bathroom cabinet drawers can all be pulled out without tipping over and falling off, and it is easy to disassemble.

3. Identify that high-quality countertop stones are not easily contaminated by colored liquids

The countertop of the bathroom vanity is the place that comes into contact with the outside world and suffers the most wear and tear. Therefore, the professionals of Shanggao Sanitary Ware remind consumers that the bathroom countertop must choose a plate with hard texture and not easily damaged, which is not only good in waterproof and abrasion resistance. , And more environmentally friendly.

At present, the most common bathroom countertops on the market are mainly marble, artificial stone and ceramics. Consumers can customize according to their needs and preferences, but it must be noted that the selection of countertops cannot be based on price and appearance. , All kinds of countertop materials have their own characteristics, and the advantages and disadvantages are also very clear, which should be considered according to their actual needs. Good countertop stones are generally processed through processing when they leave the factory, and their anti-fouling and abrasion resistance are relatively high. Try to screen good stones, inferior stones are easily contaminated by colored liquids.

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