Precautions for customizing children's room wardrobe

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-08

Children are the treasure in the eyes of every parent, and they want to leave better things to them. The children's room wardrobe is no exception. Parents should pay attention to the customized design of the children's room wardrobe. The following will introduce the precautions for customizing the children's room wardrobe.

1. The customized color of children's wardrobe should be as simple as possible

When parents buy children's wardrobes for their children, they often choose cartoons and bright colors. This is because parents always treat their children as children and think they like cartoons. But the actual situation is that five or six-year-old children already have their own aesthetics, and feel that the children's room prepared by their parents is naive. Moreover, bright colors require paint spraying, which often contain a lot of harmful substances, which is not conducive to children's health.

You should try to choose a solid-color wardrobe, which is more classic and versatile. If you are afraid of the monotony of the bedroom, you can spend some thought on the soft decoration. When the child grows up, you can change the style by changing the soft decoration, which is more growth-oriented.

Two, children's wardrobe customization functions are diversified

The area of ​​children's rooms is generally not too large, but to meet the multiple functions of children's study, sleep, and storage, it is necessary to start with the diversification of wardrobe functions. The combination cabinet of wardrobe and desk is customized at the corner of the wall, which makes full use of the corner space and realizes the functions of learning and storage.

3. The internal stacking area of ​​the wardrobe is moved down

Before children learn to tidy up independently, their parents help them tidy up, but it is also necessary to gradually develop the child's storage ability. Move the stacking area down according to the child's height, so that the child can tidy up toys by himself. Children's wardrobes should also fully consider safety, and drawers and other accessories that can be pulled out should not be designed at the height of children's heads to avoid collision accidents.

4. Customized side plus arc cabinet for children's wardrobe

Children love to move, lack self-protection awareness, and sharp right angles can easily injure children and cause unpredictable consequences. Arc cabinets are added to the side of the wardrobe, and the corners of other furniture are rounded to avoid danger.

The above are the points that need to be paid attention to when customizing the wardrobe in the children's room. I hope that parents will pay attention to it and give their children a healthy and happy childhood.

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