Precautions for bathroom cabinet acceptance

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-27

The bathroom cabinet in the bathroom is always in a relatively humid place like the bathroom, and the frequency of use of the bathroom cabinet is very high, so for the bathroom cabinet, whether it is appearance, material, details, etc., when checking and accepting All should be carefully checked, so as to have a beautiful, durable and convenient bathroom cabinet.

1. Appearance requirements

In the acceptance of bathroom cabinets, what catches the eye is the appearance. Regarding the appearance requirements of bathroom cabinets, please refer to the maximum allowable range of appearance defects listed in the following table as a reference:

2. Requirements for material quality

The surface material of the bathroom cabinet can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal and solid wood, etc.; the base material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, which is covered by the surface material. For bathroom vanity that have been stored for a long time in relatively humid areas, the base material is the decisive factor for their quality and price. Therefore, the acceptance of the quality details of the bathroom cabinet materials should be paid attention to.

Such as: (1) Timber species or wood-based panel category should be clearly consistent with the label. (2) Insect-eaten materials cannot be used. (3) All parts should not use rotten materials. (4) The materials used for the appearance and storage parts should not be used with fat capsules that have not been resolved. (5) The product should not be used if the twill degree of the stressed part of the product exceeds 20%. (6) The width of the knot should not exceed 1/3 of the width of the visible plate, and the diameter should not exceed 12mm. (7) There should be no cracks on the board at all parts.

3. Requirements for construction details

Regarding the requirements for the construction details of bathroom cabinets, one must determine the location of various sanitary wares. The connection between the outlets of various sanitary wares and the sockets of the drainage pipes must be tight and leak-proof. The diameter and minimum slope of the drainage pipes must conform to the design. Requirements and construction code rules. The second is to place utensils steadily, the allowable deviation, the elevation is ±15mm, and the utensil level is 2mm. Third, the sanitary ware accessories should be installed according to the decoration design requirements. The joints of various water inlet and outlet accessories should be locked, and the water storage experiment should be done after the accessories are installed, and there should be no leakage. Fourth, the floor drain should be actively coordinated with civil construction when installing the floor drain, and the sanitary appliances should be fixed with embedded fixtures or expansion bolts, and compressed with rubber pads and flat pads.

Fourth, the requirements for application effects

A suitable bathroom cabinet not only needs to match the overall decoration of the bathroom, but also is convenient to use, so that it is considered a suitable bathroom vanity installation. The application effect of bathroom vanity mainly includes the following aspects: fixed parts of the cabinet, movable parts, load-bearing parts, cracks, edge sealing, etc.

The fixed parts of the cabinet should pay attention to the height, too high or too low is not convenient to use; movable parts such as drawers, doors, etc., the drawer guide rails are freely loaded after a reasonable load, smooth, and no noise; the door panels open freely, no door touches the door The sense of. The load-bearing part is the part where heavy objects are placed, such as countertops, shelves, etc., pay attention to the appearance of the color without significant color difference, the countertops are delicate, smooth and smooth.

In addition, attention should be paid to the small details of cracks and edge sealing. Cracks are the cracks that penetrate the adjacent surface of the material. Edge sealing refers to the way to use other materials to seal the side of the panel for decoration and maintenance. . Such as finishing method, edging method, sealing method and hemming method.

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