Precautions during the home improvement construction process

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-03

In home decoration, no matter what aspect of decoration, construction quality is very important when checking and accepting, three points of materials, seven points of installation. Construction is the key to determining whether a project is good or bad. The following bathroom cabinet manufacturers will take everyone to see how to check the construction quality.

1. The sealing edge must be firm

The bathroom vanity is located in a special location and requires a higher degree of compactness. When the bathroom cabinet is constructed, the acceptance depends on whether the sealing edge can be firm, including the cabinet edge sealing and the door panel edge sealing. Edge sealing is critical to the maintenance of bathroom vanity. Moreover, it should be noted that the edge of the sheet must be flat and smooth, and there must be no degumming, bulging, pits, defects, or tearing. The trimming must be flat and free of edges and corners; the width of the edge must not exceed the thickness of the sheet.

2. Keep close contact

The tight contact here means that the space between the countertop and the wall should be sealed, otherwise it is easy to store water between the cabinet and the wall. Under normal circumstances, the gap between the two should be within 3mm. , And then do a simple sealing solution.

3. Can there be gaps in corner splicing?

For construction quality acceptance, we have been emphasizing thoroughness. Of course, the corner splicing gaps should not be neglected. The corner splicing gaps should be solved by edge sealing, and the butt joints must not have significant material color difference and adjacent two The difference in the moisture content of the puzzle must be within 2%.

Fourth, flexibility view

For all movable parts of the bathroom cabinet, it is best to be able to check flexibility or load-bearing, whether the interval between the door and the frame and drawer meets the requirements, and whether it can be moved flexibly and with or without friction. Our requirement is that all door panels and drawers open and close smoothly, without collision and edge rubbing.


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