Practical matching skills for bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-01

The decoration of the bathroom should be neat and elegant as a whole, with outstanding personality. The accurate selection of bathroom cabinets is very important. As the furniture in the bathroom, the bathroom vanity has the basic function and storage function. It arranges all kinds of detergents, especially women's cosmetics with a wide range of names, to make the space orderly. At present, the bathroom cabinets on the market are made of various materials, styles and styles, and the colors are even more dazzling. Users must do their homework before purchasing.

1. Material

When buying a bathroom vanity, it is important to choose the material.

Surface materials: Surface materials can be roughly divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal and solid wood. The contrast of the surface material exposed on the surface is easy to identify the advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you only need to check the degree of airtightness of the closing.

Base material: The base material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet. It is covered by the surface material and is concealed. It is impossible to see its true face. However, under the premise of adopting the same type of surface material, the selected substrate species determines the cabinet Because of the high quality and price, it is more necessary for us to understand the characteristics of different substrates.

At present, the mainstream substrate selected for bathroom cabinets on the market is waterproof MDF. MDF is a kind of steel processed by a special process after pulverizing the selected wood source material into powder.性板。 Sex sheets. Its strength and density are divided into high, medium and low. Excellent waterproof performance, it is a must-chosen material for high-end bathroom vanity.

2. Combination situation

The bathroom cabinet does not have the same contrasting style as the kitchen cabinet. You can create various styles of bathroom cabinets anywhere in the bathroom; it can be a corner cabinet, a curved cabinet or a box cabinet, or it can be placed The bar cabinet behind the door or the detachable combined bath cabinet. But they must be in line with the overall design of the bathroom, no matter from the material color to the shape and size, they must be harmonized with other equipment, otherwise it will give people a superfluous feeling.

You can design bathroom vanity of different specifications according to the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom. The traditional bathroom space is small. You can choose a single cabinet combined with a mirror surface or a wall-mounted cabinet suitable for corners, in addition to the bottom of the mirror edge , Embedded in a small multi-borg, etc., neither affects the original space, and does not need to replace the basic equipment, so that the small bathroom also has exquisite and practical storage equipment.

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