Optimistic about these five points, custom wardrobe will not suffer

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-25

Customized wardrobes have the advantages of environmental protection, suitable for room types, and high applicability. This advantage has prompted more and more friends around me to choose custom-made furniture in the selection of wardrobes, cabinets, and shoe racks. Instead of buying finished products, the shoe racks and wardrobes in my home are custom-made

Nowadays, because people are busy at work, they seldom have time to build their own wardrobes. Most of them spend money to ask carpenters or custom-made companies to customize. So in the process of customizing, what are the things that need to be paid attention to? Let me explain to you one by one, try to avoid the loss of custom wardrobe as much as possible

1. Control the cost budget

In addition to taking into account such parts as woodworking boards and craftsmanship fees, the cost budget of custom wardrobes, the functional parts and accessories in the wardrobe can not be ignored, they are generally additional charges, the more parts, the higher the cost, objective Effective selection of functional parts is really important. Don't blindly pursue humanized design, otherwise the budget will not only exceed a little bit.

2. Date of concern

When customizing wardrobes, we must pay special attention to the shelf life and delivery cycle time, so as to ensure our own after-sales maintenance services. At present, the shelf life of customized wardrobes on the market is generally 3-5 years. Well-known brands generally have a 5-year shelf life, but this shelf life only includes the cabinet body or door frame, and the shelf life of hardware is usually only one year. Most of the delivery cycle for custom wardrobes is about one month. You must discuss related matters with the store in consideration of your own interior decoration progress to ensure that you can get the wardrobe on time to avoid delays in the construction period.

3. Selection of raw materials

Many people choose to customize because they feel that the board quality and processing technology are relatively safe to choose. All the boards selected in the store are E0 grade board materials, but they do not really meet the requirements?

When purchasing board, you must check the environmental protection certification. First, check whether it contains the name of the manufacturer and the inspection company seal to ensure authenticity and effectiveness; secondly, check whether the formaldehyde content standard is less than 0.8mg/L to ensure the quality of the board. quality and environmental protection.

4. Check specifications

When customizing a wardrobe, we must strictly guard against such careless typos. In the face of the data provided by the store, you must check it again. In addition to avoiding being scammed, the more important thing is to ensure the applicability and suitability of payment customization.

5. Master the optimization algorithm to calculate by itself

At present, the custom-made wardrobes in the market are basically based on: projection area and expansion area calculation. Some friends' wardrobe designs have relatively few mezzanines, and when customizing, they are converted according to the actual area. At that time, I thought that this kind of optimization algorithm would be more cost-effective than projective calculation. Not only was the whole process complicated, but it was also much higher than the total price of the budget. I always felt that the master made a wrong calculation.

The storefront is calculated based on the expanded area; the processing plant is converted based on the area. I heard that it would be more cost-effective to charge according to the expanded area, but the door frame, hardware, slide rails, etc. are also charged separately. The total price of the two methods is actually similar.

Before paying the deposit, you must discuss with the store clearly, how to charge if you add a shelf in the middle and late stages, so as to avoid some stores asking for excessive prices after paying the deposit.

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