No matter how small the house is, you need to customize furniture for these 8 places

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-27

Regarding customized furniture, not all furniture must be customized, such as tables and chairs, dining tables, fabric sofas, bed cabinets, etc. There are various specifications for this kind of furniture, and there is no need to spend a lot of money to customize. So do these furniture in the home need to be customized? Below, I tell you that no matter how big the home is, wooden cabinets need to be customized in these eight areas.

1. Shoe rack for beginners

The first wooden cabinet for beginners, a shoe rack is a must. The wooden cabinet designed according to the needs of the measurement room can help you store a large number of shoes. After the friends who choose the customized shoe rack achieve the function of storing shoes, it is indispensable to improve the storage objects and their display function. After all, the shoe rack is also used as a registration The first beauty.

2. Kitchen cabinet

It is said that there are no finished products for kitchen cabinets, and it is necessary to choose custom-made products. The key depends on the selection of materials. Chinese food is a place where kitchen fumes are heavy. If the selection of raw materials is not good, the kitchen cabinets will not last long. There are also tailor-made and on-demand kitchen cabinets designed by the measurement room, which are cool to use.

3. Restaurant cabinets in restaurants

The main function of the dining room cabinet is to store kitchen utensils and some small electrical appliances, such as electric kettles, rice cookers, soybean milk machines, etc. For friends who like to drink, it is more suitable to design a dining cabinet.

4. The TV cabinet in the living room

The TV cabinet is customized. In addition to storing visual equipment, there are also some tea utensils, snacks and daily necessities. It can also be used as a display cabinet.

5. The wardrobe in the bedroom

Customized wardrobes can solve the problem of pillars and beams in the bedroom, and you are not afraid of recessed spaces. The built-in wardrobe can help you save indoor space. If you want to have strong storage in a custom wardrobe, pay attention to the interior design of the wardrobe.

6. Writing desk cabinet

Learning to read and office is what every family needs, especially a family with children. Desk cabinets are generally installed in the bedroom, and choosing a customized desk cabinet can make better use of the interior space and will not cause congestion in the room.

7. The bathroom cabinet in the bathroom

It is better to customize the bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinet designed on demand can better control the specifications and meet your requirements. The key depends on the material used. If the bathroom cabinet is in the bathroom, waterproof and moisture-proof are indispensable.

8. Balcony lockers for living balcony

Customized cabinets for the living balcony, put the washing machine in it, so that all the laundry and drying are done on the balcony, and the balcony lockers can also be placed with living balcony green plants, so that the living balcony at home can leave more space for activities and entertainment.

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