New trends in the development of sanitary ware in my country

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-17

For the development of trends in the bathroom industry, continuous improvement is important.

Hot Trend 1: Wastewater Utilization

In addition to developing more bathroom products that can directly save water, we also saw a new trend from the exhibition. Many sanitary ware brands have begun to launch products with no dead ends and better cleanliness, as well as small 'bathroom integration'. Sanitary ware, the realization of these products can not only greatly reduce the utilization rate of toilet water, but also turn waste into treasure and make use of waste heat.

Market status: green sanitary ware is the only waste water utilization product

At present, the focus of real is that it is not difficult to find bathroom products that can meet the needs of small size, no seams, no dead ends, and easy cleaning in the market. Many bathroom brands even regard them as 'hot sales'. '

On the contrary, sanitary ware related to the rational use of wastewater has become a blind spot in the market. Sanitary ware that can be recycled and reused for washing hands, face, and vegetables with daily water is not yet available on the market. It is understood that the small 'washbasin integrated' bathroom exhibited by a certain brand we saw at the exhibition is just a 'good plan' of the merchant, and it may be difficult to buy in the near future. During the visit, the brand's shopping guide said that it must be installed on a load-bearing wall. The complicated internal pipeline layout and the price of tens of thousands of yuan are the main reasons why such products are difficult to enter the market.

Trend Hotspot 2: Safety and Convenience

When the aging problem is getting more and more serious, the bathroom industry put forward the concept of 'convenient bathroom' this year. There aren't too many complicated buttons, no modern bells and whistles, no angular and rigid designs that can hurt you. Starting from details such as location, function, and accessibility, it is a wonderful thing to allow people of different ages to use the bathroom network conveniently.

Market status: Elderly bathroom products are blank and can only be customized

Among the bathroom products in many mainstream home furnishing stores, the bathroom products for the elderly can be said to be blank. Most salespeople lure tenants with design, water-saving features, and low-price promotions. When the author asked if there were sanitary products more suitable for the elderly to use alone, most of them were speechless.

It is understood that if you want to decorate a 'convenient bathroom' for the elderly or children at home, you can only spend more money to customize it according to your needs.

Rep: The lockers act as seats. If you can't find Sohu furniture that is purely for the elderly, you might as well play a side ball. In the overall bathroom series launched by Lejia this year, there is a 'drag cabinet' that can be pushed and pulled flexibly. It comes in five colors for storage and seating. It can also be used as a 'bathroom break' if you move. 'chair'. However, the 'chair' with wheels is a bit inconvenient for the elderly, so you can ask the merchant to remove the wheels when you buy it.

Hot Trend 3: Integration with Home

'More and more time to go to the toilet every day', this is the current state of life of many people. Therefore, we want bathrooms to become more valuable. If comfortable sofa chairs, soft carpets, soft lighting, and practical bookshelves enter the bathroom, you will find that life can be completely new, subverting the development of the market, and promoting the trend of change.

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