Moisture-proof knowledge of bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-09

1. Some bathroom cabinets connect the cabinets and the cabinets together. When the basin or faucet encounters hot air, a large amount of condensate will be generated. This condensed water will immerse into the cabinet floor from the cutting edge along the connecting cabinet countertop. Cause the cabinet to become moldy and deformed.

Before installing the waterproof and cabinet, you should add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil to the bottom of the cabinet, and install a waterproof floor drain at the bottom of the basin, so that the service life of the cabinet can be prolonged. However, it should be noted that there is a gap between the pipeline and the floor drain. When installing the cabinet, it should be reinforced to effectively prevent moisture from entering.

2. The ordinary hardware connectors are slightly corroded and rusted, which will cause the cabinet doors and drawers to fail to open or close, which will affect the service life of the bathroom vanity.

The workmanship of the bathroom cabinet must be exquisite, especially the hardware of the bathroom cabinet, which is the most important thing for the bathroom cabinet to prevent moisture. High-quality products should be selected to avoid the ingress of moisture. In addition, the contact area between the cabinet body and the cabinet door is also the main area vulnerable to moisture. The edge of the board can be wrapped with a strip with good sealing performance and not easy to aging, so as to prevent it in all directions.

3. Water splashes are inevitable in the bathroom, and ordinary bathroom vanity can hardly resist the attack of moisture.

To purchase bathroom products, you must first choose moisture-proof or special aluminum products. When choosing a bathroom cabinet, you can choose composite plates such as wear-resistant plates and polymers as the cabinet surface materials.

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