Moisture-proof knowledge necessary for home bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-01

  The bathroom is a very important place in the home. Of course, the presence of bathroom cabinets is indispensable for storing bath products and some daily necessities, which is convenient and comfortable. However, due to the heavy humidity in the bathroom, the moisture-proof work of the bathroom vanity is also very important.

   1. Moisture resistance of external materials

  The exterior of the bathroom cabinet is easy to peel off. It is recommended to choose materials with better moisture-proof performance when purchasing, such as solid wood bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom vanity, and PVC bathroom cabinets. In addition, choose bathroom vanity whose surface treatment adopts baking varnish treatment to ensure the airtightness of the board and minimize direct contact with the board.

   2. Internal drying method

   When the bathroom items are damp, they may have an unpleasant odor, but they may become moldy. It is recommended that in addition to purchasing a bathroom cabinet with good moisture resistance, you should avoid sprinkling water in the storage area of u200bu200bthe bathroom cabinet and place it in the bathroom cabinet. Place desiccant while maintaining air circulation in the bathroom.

   3. Waterproof aluminum foil condensation water natural enemy

   When taking a daily bath, we will find that the basin or faucet in the bathroom will produce a lot of condensate when encountering heat. This water will flow into the bottom of the cabinet along the countertop, causing the cabinet to become moldy and deformed. If you can add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pads to the bottom of the cabinet in time, you can solve this problem. Put them on the bottom of the drawer to prevent moisture and fix the bath products.

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