Moisture-proof and waterproof of bathroom cabinets and purchase strategy

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-13

  Material selection is the key

   The bathroom in an average family is only a few square meters in area, which is difficult to achieve dry and wet partitions to a certain extent. The use environment requires that the material and technology of the bathroom vanity must be moisture-proof. The moisture resistance of bathroom vanity refers to the good usability with a relative humidity of 85%. With good quality products, there is no problem if the humidity reaches 95% in a short time under the condition of sufficient ventilation. The cabinet panel occupies a large part of the bathroom furniture. If you want to choose a good bathroom furniture, you can't deal with the moisture-proof problem of the cabinet panel sloppily. Bathroom furniture is basically made of solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board as the base material in the selection of materials, and the surface is treated with polyester paint coating, which has strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance. It should be noted that the choice of cabinet panels in the bathroom must not only be waterproof and moisture-proof, but also maintain good air permeability. Selecting environmentally friendly materials that meet the national E1 standard is the key to protecting the health of the family.

  Choose a good surface material, and check the first pass of moisture-proof

  The bathroom furniture panel is the first barrier to contact with indoor humid air. It is also very important to handle this first pass. When choosing bathroom furniture, you will find that there are many types of panels in the market, and you can choose the one that suits you according to your needs. High-quality solid wood veneer or wood grain veneer with plastic resin protective surface is easy to maintain, and at the same time it can give the bathroom furniture a classic beauty. There are also baking varnish and vacuum blister panels, which have their own advantages in decorative effects. They are also waterproofed during the production process, which has strong waterproof and moisture-proof functions. For daily maintenance, wipe the surface of the cabinet with wet suede. The condensed water vapor after bathing should be wiped with a dry cloth and kept well ventilated.

  The internal moisture-proof can't be ignored

   Maybe we all have such experience. After the bathroom furniture is used for a period of time, the bottom plate under the sink cabinet will be deformed. The reason is that the water pipes hidden in the cabinets are not taken seriously. The condensed water left along the water pipe is not as noticeable as the water drops on the countertop. The water remaining on the bottom of the cabinet will continue to soak the furniture. If a waterproof aluminum bottom plate with anti-collision strips is used inside, it can not only prevent the condensate dripping from the basin and faucet from soaking the box, but the unique anti-collision strip can also eliminate the noise when the door is closed.

  Back protection is very important

   In the process of choosing bathroom furniture, consumers are more likely to be confused by its appearance, and they think that moisture-proofing mainly pays attention to the choice of surface materials. However, little attention is paid to the details of the back, resulting in a short service life of the furniture and prone to quality problems. In actual life, it is impossible to thoroughly remove the ubiquitous water droplets and moisture every time after bathing, or even wipe clean the hard-to-reach parts hidden behind the furniture. The double decorative veneer back panel can prevent the MDF base material from being exposed. With this layer of protection, water no longer has the opportunity to enter the panel from the back of the cabinet, which is a good helper for waterproof and moisture-proof.

   The installation process must be in place

   When installing bathroom vanity, it is often necessary to dig holes in the cabinet panel, and the condensed water flowing down the water pipe can easily immerse into the cabinet from the cutting edge of the plate, causing the cabinet to be damp and deformed. The multi-functional edge banding tape can tightly wrap the cutting edge of the board and play a better waterproof and moisture-proof effect. Choosing the bathroom furniture is only the first step. In order to prevent failure, the details of the installation process should not be sloppy. Water droplets and moisture are pervasive. If you want to be completely waterproof, you must choose a professional brand. If you want to be waterproof and moisture-proof from all aspects, the furniture can last forever.

   observe more subtleties

   When choosing bathroom furniture, it is customary to pay more attention to its design style and materials. In fact, some seemingly insignificant small parts are the key factors for the success or failure of buying bathroom furniture. The quality of hardware in bathroom furniture is related to our comfort during use. For some bathroom furniture with good quality, the hardware mostly uses high-quality door hinges, drawer slides, etc. High-quality hardware has stronger corrosion resistance than inferior ones, and relatively has a longer service life. Add a waterproof bottom drain at the outlet of the pipe at the bottom of the bathroom furniture to prevent the condensed water left by the downstream pipe from entering the bottom plate and prevent the bottom plate from being deformed by moisture.


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