Modern compact bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-22

The modern bathroom design does not pay attention to luxury and wealth, and the redundant carving and cumbersome details are rarely expressed in the modern bathroom. The same is true for the design of the bathroom vanity in the key part of the bathroom.

Or, modern bathroom specifications are not big, but they are exquisite and applicable. Such as the right shelf and the integrated applicable design of the mirror cabinet can effectively free up more bathroom space and better enlarge the humanized design concept.

Fresh and concise bathroom vanity, less on the design of the cabinet surface, adding flashy decoration details. In terms of performance, as in the Japanese modern style, contrast the color and texture of the original wood of the display cabinet. The use of light metal elements such as aluminum or stainless steel can well express the modern beauty of modern life, while some of them directly use modern materials such as PVC as the design of the cabinet.

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