Mirror style of bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-12

The mirror surface of the bathroom vanity has various styles, such as square, oval, egg circle, etc., or a single whole, mirror edge edging, mirror carved, exquisite and practical, or as a part of bathroom vanity, with mirror lamp , Bathroom cabinets, creating a unified bathroom space. From the appearance point of view, it can be roughly divided into three types:

The first type is a large bath mirror, which is directly attached to the wide wall of the bathroom. The large bath mirror that can take a half-length image is the most widely used;

The second type is a table mirror, which can be placed on the vanity table or fixed on the wall with a horizontally retractable bracket. This kind of bath mirror is generally relatively small and is usually used for detailed makeup;

The third type is the built-in bath mirror. When decorating the house, woodworkers are invited to make built-in small wall cabinets. The cut mirror is glued to the cabinet door, which saves space and is convenient to use: it can be used when the door is closed. Used as a wall bath mirror, opening the cabinet door can place small items such as daily bathing products and cosmetics inside.

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