Market situation of stainless steel bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-06

   The sanitary environment in the past two years and the sanitary ware market this year can be explained by the herd effect and the Matthew effect. Stainless steel bathroom vanity, which are completely different from traditional solid wood bathroom cabinets, pvc and other materials, are still firmly in the camp this year.

   At present, the general environment of the building materials market is unpredictable. Many manufacturers have shrunk drastically this year. Many business owners will ask again: 'Who touched my cheese?' Some people may say that it is the regulation of real estate policy. , So that the entire transaction volume is reduced, and the rigid market demand is sharply reduced. Yes, the environment is not good, no one can do it.

   But in the same industry, there is still going forward. Therefore, stainless steel bathroom vanity manufacturers should look for their own reasons. What causes the current situation? The sales volume of manufacturers depends on the operation of the dealers. , If the dealer cannot sell the goods, we should trace the source and analyze the dealer’s problem.

   has led to aesthetic fatigue of end customers such as stainless steel bathroom vanity. Take stainless steel bathroom cabinets as an example. At present, there are at least 10 distributors in the building materials market of any prefecture-level city. The product styles are similar, and the product quality varies. There are two levels of product price differentiation, dare to ask if you are a consumer, are you looking for flowers in the fog when you buy?

   In fact, the promotional methods used by many distributors are too low-level. For example, the price of a product is much higher than its own price, and then the price is drastically reduced through promotion. On the surface, it seems that consumers have 'picked up a big bargain' and so on.

   Therefore, the numbness caused by the style to consumers cannot give people a refreshing feeling. The price of the product fluctuates high and low, which makes many consumers stop. Therefore, consumers will reject stainless steel bathroom cabinets, and finally choose to buy solid wood or pvc, which is 'stainless steel is going downhill.'

   There is a story in ancient Greece. Originally, a black pearl produced in ancient Greece became worthless. Someone showed black pearls and diamonds together at a dinner party. From then on, black pearls became invaluable.

  Secondly, leveraging each other's strengths. Now is the era of teamwork. Individuals have limited financial, material and energy resources. Therefore, only by integrating resources can we achieve a win-win situation. Then, with the help of the manufacturers, there are good promotion plans, and the manufacturers also strongly support them. In terms of product discounts, manpower and material resources.

Compared with solid wood bathroom cabinets and pvc bathroom cabinets,    stainless steel bathroom cabinets break the original ideological constraints. Compared with solid wood, the original steel is more flexible. I believe that in the future development, no matter whether the market is cold or deep, the vitality of the enterprise will be as tough as steel.


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