Look at the pits that need to be paid attention to in furniture customization

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-24

Today's home decoration, general home decoration TV cabinets, wardrobes, shoe racks and other furniture are all custom-made, but many people are the first batch of custom-made furniture, do not know what to pay attention to, custom-made furniture today I will let you To sum up, furniture customization is very easy to enter the industry, you have to see some, if you don’t understand, or cheat you!

8 Reminders for furniture customization

Savings or Savings

When paying for furniture customization order information, you must ask about the size. Now you can get a refund if you pay this amount. If you can get a refund, how much will you get back, except to see whether it is a deposit or a deposit on the receipt. The deposit is non-refundable. able to retreat.

The discount offer is not clear

When you customize furniture, maybe when you talk in the store, the salesman will ask you a price, but this is just a verbal service commitment, not included in the receipt. When you measure out the plan and calculate the total price, the salesman says there is no good price. At this time, words are not reliable, so some things must be clearly written on the receipt.

Put the sheet metal cabinet on someone else's place

The wooden cabinets are placed in another part of the furniture. The thickness of the general wooden boards is 18mm, but some businessmen use 9mm or 5mm wooden boards for the side panels of the wooden cabinets in order to better control costs. Load capacity will be much worse.

Hardware Configuration

For furniture customization, in addition to looking at the dishes, you also need to look at the hardware. Ask about the famous brand of the hardware and how long is the warranty period of the hardware. Generally speaking, the warranty period of the hardware is 5-10 years. The choice of hardware materials is very important. We chose some domestic hardware for our home, and it has been rusted for more than half a year.

service fee

System software furniture When you need to know whether to deduct the transportation fee, some stores deliberately hide the transportation fee that must be added to the wooden floor of the interior stairs. At the top, it is necessary to bully and hold the bow. In short, only the community owners can compromise the goods in the end, so that in the initial stage of consultation, various charging standards will be stipulated.

installation quality

For the customization of the whole house, attention must be paid to installation problems. If you accidentally make a hole in the wall, if you haven't filled it with dust, you can secretly congratulate the decoration construction team for saving it, or you can ask yourself for more blessings. In addition, it is important to keep a close eye on the spot, otherwise the door is accidentally crooked, and the doorknob is uneven, all of which need to be watched on the spot.

product quality

The edge banding of the goods in the store in the exhibition hall looks perfect, but the products on the spot may not be the same, especially the double-layer solid wood wood-based panels, the edge banding is usually not as good as that of solid wood plywood, after installation, it must go to the side of the decorative building materials cabinet . Edge banding, if you find any problems with the edge banding, please ask the store to replace it, otherwise it is easy to exceed the standard formaldehyde in the future.

sign the contract

Furniture customization will sign a contract with the store before production. The contract indicates that the production time is long. When installing, the after-sales maintenance service must be clearly indicated, such as the quality of the board, the warranty period, etc., and the contract must be insured by the company. For the company chapter, you don't need to find that kind of secretive boss. If you are unlucky, you may break into the company with the fugitive.

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