Knowledge of choosing drawer slides for bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-13

The slide rail is one of the most important hardware parts for the bathroom vanity, so how should the slide rail of the bathroom vanity be evaluated. Here are two professional suggestions from the bathroom cabinet manufacturer:

1. Test steel

The load-bearing capacity of the drawer depends mainly on the quality of the rail steel. Drawers of different specifications have different thicknesses and load-bearing properties. When purchasing, you can pull out the drawer and press it hard with your hands to see if it will loosen, rattle or turn over.

2. See the materials

The material of the pulley determines the comfort of the drawer when sliding. Plastic pulleys, steel balls, and wear-resistant nylon are the three most common pulley materials, among which wear-resistant nylon is the top grade, which is quiet and silent when sliding. Depending on the quality of the pulley, you can push and pull the drawer with one finger. There should be no astringency and no noise.

manufacturer http://www.mejace.net

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