Is whole house customization really reliable?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-21

The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, and people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, but turning to expensive is an important and cumbersome thing. In order to meet the market demand, the whole house customization has become the mainstream of the current furniture brand development. Many brands have launched a full set of customized services. On the premise of ensuring the quality of home decoration, they can create various styles of customized home decoration with matching furniture, providing consumers with a variety of customization options, saving time and energy. However, there are many deep holes in the whole house customization industry, and consumers with problems often have no way to complain. When choosing a whole house to customize, you must pay attention to the following points, which is definitely a guide for Xiaobai to avoid pits.

1. Long production cycle

Customized furniture is mainly to meet the individual needs of consumers. First of all, go to the store to learn about whole house customization. Sales staff will give corresponding customization plans and discuss prices according to customers' favorite styles, colors, sizes, space planning, storage needs, etc. Then the staff will come to the door to measure the data, feed the data back to the furniture manufacturer, and start to carefully create the personalized and customized furniture unique to consumers. The production of customized furniture requires processing, polishing, painting, quality inspection, logistics and other steps. Generally speaking, the production cycle of custom-made furniture is usually too long, which means that quick installation is not realistic. Customization of the whole house needs to be booked in advance. Generally speaking, the production cycle of complete sets of furniture or large furniture is calculated on a monthly basis, so it is best to plan the time in advance and customize 1-2 months in advance to avoid delays in the construction period.

2. The production capacity cannot keep up with the sales volume, and the delivery date is not guaranteed

Due to the rapid development of the customization industry, many manufacturers blindly expand in order to make profits, regardless of the ratio of their production capacity to sales. They carry out large-scale promotions during holidays, such as the 618 Shopping Festival, Double 11, National Day, etc. Due to strong incentives, they have attracted many consumers. Local dealers are relatively soft in accepting orders, but due to the large number of orders and insufficient supply, As a result, business capabilities could not keep up with orders, and the production cycle was seriously delayed. Due to a large number of consumers complaining and dissatisfied, they failed to deliver on time, and many dealers complained about it. In addition, in order to save costs, some companies are perfunctory in packaging. In addition, there will inevitably be scratches, collisions, etc. during transportation, resulting in damage to the custom-made furniture, which must be returned to the factory for replacement, resulting in extended delivery time

3. There are many counterfeit manufacturers, and the goods are not right.

Due to the fierce competition in the Chinese furniture market, the fundamental reason is to imitate products and follow the trend blindly. Some small and medium-sized manufacturers who do not have design capabilities will imitate big brands to customize furniture, and rely on imitation and copycats to fight price wars throughout the house. This is why consumers get furniture that is 'wrong', resulting in serious inconsistencies between the real thing and the picture. Because in the case of controlling costs and ensuring profits, the quality and quality of products produced by small manufacturers cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing a full set of customization, it is better to choose a big brand with strength, cases and professional design team. Consider many aspects, shop around, and don't choose a small factory just for cheap. Otherwise, 'buy with high price and low price' will not only affect our mood, but also delay the progress of decoration. There are many problems in the installation process, just repair but not replace.

The two most important links in the customization process are design and installation. Generally speaking, big brands hire professional teachers with many years of experience, while small brands usually recruit installation masters temporarily when there are orders to save money, or share installation masters with other brands after being introduced by others. Since the installer has not received professional training and there is no charging standard, many consumers have various disputes with the merchants due to furniture installation. In addition, due to the particularity of custom-made furniture, the principle of no return and exchange is generally adopted. If an inexperienced master accidentally makes a wrong hole or bend when binding the furniture, it will affect the firmness and beauty of the furniture. Also, if something gets corrupted during the install, most of the remedies are just a repair, nothing changed, which can be irritating.

5. After-sales problems

I have to say that the after-sales problems of whole house customization have been criticized in the industry, such as delayed delivery after receiving goods, wrong product color or size, wrong or wrong furniture installation, excessive formaldehyde after the furniture has been used for a period of time, etc. , which makes rights protection a headache. It is recommended that consumers must check the color, size, quantity, price, material, delivery date and other important matters of the product before purchasing customized products, and clearly state in the contract what compensation measures will be taken if any party breaches the contract, so that future Disputes are used as evidence for rights protection. At the same time, it is recommended not to pay in full. Better to pay a part of the deposit first, then pay the balance after the furniture installation is complete, no problem

The above content is a pit avoidance guide customized for the whole house. As long as you pay attention to strength, conduct comprehensive research, and master the skills of brand selection and business family affairs, you can find the brand you like. You can't just blindly listen to a salesman's boast. You should have your own subjective awareness and judgment ability.

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