Is the initial test and retest of custom furniture important?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-02

When we inquire about a certain custom-made furniture brand, the shopping guide will always ask us to measure it first, and then give an accurate quotation after the measurement. Some brands even have the theory of initial testing and retesting. This makes many customers puzzled, why it is necessary to measure, the customer can report the value to the merchant, can't the merchant calculate the price? Why pass the initial test and retest?

Many custom-made furniture are measured after the ceiling is finished and leveled, but the custom-made furniture is different. After the wall is built, a preliminary test must be done. The initial test can find many problems. Early plans can take longer to entangle. Not enough can be found early, and wall problems can also be found early.

The measurement of custom-made furniture is divided into preliminary test, retest, and retest. The initial test is after the wall is built, we will start the initial test. First of all, as soon as you arrive at the customer's home, go through all the places that need to be made into cabinets with the customer, and learn about the spatial layout of the house on site. Then start to measure. The preliminary test can find many problems. For example, this bedroom wants to make a tatami plus bookcase desk, but the on-site measurement finds that it has a power socket that is just at the same level as the desk. If there is no preliminary test, it will be time After leveling, you will find that there is a desk here and it may not be able to lean against the wall.

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Or maybe your home has a suspended ceiling, a wall (note: the load-bearing wall cannot be destroyed), or a water and electricity renovation, etc. If we only rely on a floor plan, we will talk about it here, even as a professional planner I can understand your thoughts, but if we don’t go to the site to see these, we can only know the general situation. The planned drawings may not be accurate. For example, the wall of a bedroom has been punched, but the position of the pipe is exposed. , but there is another wardrobe here, so the depth and width of the wardrobe need to be reconsidered. This is the point that we are likely to overlook when we only look at the floor plan.

To say so much is to remind us to pay attention to the fact that custom-made furniture is not measured in the last step. There must be a preliminary test, which can find problems early. Only when we find these problems can we communicate with customers in time and propose more What a proposition.

And after the retesting of the suspended ceiling is completed and the leveling is completed, the retest is to confirm the completion plan (there is no problem in the retest, but retest with confidence), we don't think these steps are too cumbersome, only every detail should be refined , coupled with the designer's thoughtfulness and high professionalism, this will create a beautiful home for us, and make one work after another.

We choose custom-made furniture, and we can see the strength of a brand from the measurement aspect. If we choose whole house customization, we will provide you with free measurement, initial test and re-test analysis, and provide you with professional planning drawings, after many revisions. Stop until you are satisfied.

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