Is the bathroom cabinet a finished product or a customized one?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-01

   are basically also indispensable products in the restrooms nowadays. There are many styles, many materials, and many styles. There are finished products on the market, and you can also customize it to a decoration company or an overall cabinet shop, or you can let the workers directly build one by yourself. There are many choices.

The advantage of    customization is that the size can be determined according to the house type at home, so that you can make better use of the space. In general, the independent dry zone is suitable for this kind of customization.

The advantage of    finished bathroom vanity is that they are relatively strong, and generally look good in shape, saving a lot of trouble. Basically, they are equipped with cabinets, mirrors, faucets, and basins. This kind of finished cabinet is generally suitable for the situation where the bathroom is relatively large and the size is not limited.

   In terms of materials, the finished product is basically either solid wood, more oak, or PVC (a kind of plastic), or stainless steel. Most of the customized cabinets may be made of artificial panels, which are similar to the materials of the cabinets. This kind of artificial panels has general moisture resistance and is more suitable for dry areas.

   As for whether the cabinet has feet on the floor, or the wall cabinet, this is what you like. The advantage of wall cabinets is that the bottom is empty and it is more convenient when mopping the floor. The advantage of floor cabinets is the cabinet body Larger, more storage space. Because there is a drain pipe in the middle of the basin, if you want to consider not affecting the storage space as much as possible, it is recommended to move the drain pipe to the side or change the wall row.


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