Is solid wood bathroom cabinet practical?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-26

   bathroom vanity manufacturer: is solid wood bathroom vanity practical?

   Solid wood bathroom cabinets generally use rubber wood (not oak) as the base material, and the quality of rubber wood directly determines the quality and price of solid wood bathroom vanity. The texture of rubber wood is greatly affected by the climate and is produced in different regions. The rubber wood floor produced is different. If the humidity of the growth environment is too high, the density of the rubber wood will be small, the moisture will be easy to absorb water, and it will not be hard enough, and the product will be easily deformed. Small, too hard, dry and crisp, and the product is easy to burst.

   So it is best to choose rubber wood from Malaysia or Thailand for bathroom cabinets. Because Malaysia and Thailand are located in the South Pacific, the soil is fertile and the climate is very hot. They are most suitable for the growth of high-quality rubber wood, with high density and hard texture and water content. Moderate, easy to process, clear texture, few knots, bright color, etc., is the best material for making bathroom cabinets. After advanced equipment and technology processing, the product has no deformation, low burst, no insects, no rot And other advantages. In terms of waterproofing experiment, rubber wood immersion experiment, good quality rubber wood can remain undeformed and not rot when soaked in water for three months, which is unmatched by wood-based panels. In terms of environmental protection, furniture products are harmful to humans. It is mainly derived from the release of formaldehyde in man-made panels. Imported rubber wood and solid wood have low formaldehyde emissions, which are environmentally friendly materials, while man-made panels cannot achieve this.

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